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Common dysfunctions associated with hypothyroidism - eg gut issues, diminished absorption of iron, low stomach acid, etc. Useful info

Hi all

I stumbled upon this link ages ago and it helped me correctly self-diagnose pernicious anaemia, hypochloridia, and ascertain why i could never get my iron levels up.

Hope others find it useful. You may need to copy and paste into browser

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Thanks for that - had a quick scan and it looks very interesting, will have a proper look later.

Moggie x


This is a very interesting article and I have read it and printed it out to put into my folder. Learning more and more each day.


The whole website looks like an interesting read. I didn't know it was so important to check for H pylori. Thank you for pointing out the site to us.


Good link Bluedaff, thanks


I just found this could be about me. Unfortunately, no cure is suggested, but I will have to do further research myself.


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