Reverse T3 - Has anyone had a test for reverse T3 for it to come back as out of range?

Hi TUKs,

We have been asked for a fair few Reverse T3s over the last couple of years or so - but without looking through all of the results and going from memory I'm unsure if anyone has ever actually had a reverse t3 that is out of range. It's an expensive test relative to all of the others, but I know that it is well celebrated in the online thyroid community generally, maybe due to the technique/method . My question is has anyone ever had a RT3 result come in out of range? And has a RT3 result one way or the other ever come in useful in obtaining treatment?

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  • I do not have a problem, but this is a link to Dr Lowe's archived website and his answer to a question may be helpful to you. He was also Director of Thyroid Science and Fibromyalgia Research Foundation. Cursor down to the last question on this page.

  • Interesting, Thank you.

  • I had a very high reverse T3 reading (nearly 50% higher than the top of the range) but it was not from a Blue Horizon test. I'm now treating myself with T3 only and I'm feeling better than I have done in many years. I'm still not on a stable dose but I'm getting there.

    Edit : I should make clear that I'm self-medicating. I have never discussed Reverse T3 with my doctor, and I haven't (as yet) told her about self-medicating, although I intend to tell her soon.

  • I had a normal FT3 test done by Blue Horizon a few weeks ago and am wondering that despite the fact I seem to be converting fine if it was the RT3 instead of FT3 that may have been misread.

    I don't know anything about Reverse T3 at all I'm afraid but from what I've heard FT3 can be mistaken for RT3?


    Jo xxx

  • Hi Jo,

    Can you please email me - with your question and I'll look into this for you.


  • I manage my own health with ndt . I always get my rt3 tested when i get my own private bloods. Yes the results assist me in determining how best to manage my own health. When the nhs was still destroying my health, i took my results incl rt3 only to find nhs gp was clueless and i don't have time to educate. For me, rt3 completes the picture. On ndt it has always come back in range

  • Thank you for the information Bluedaffodil; It is good to know that RT3 is of use to you.

  • Hi Paul

    Unrelated to the topic of rt3

    I have just had an active B12 test carried out by BlueHorizonMedicals - I was concerned that I would not be able to collect all the blood required to fill the small container from a very small pin pick but following the instructions provided I managed this without any problems.

    I am very impressed with the service and the comments received by your doctor on my results which were helpful.

    Many thanks


  • Hi Tricia,

    Glad to be of service. Also good to know that you managed to get enough blood for the home test for Active B12, it's not always that easy - I had a problem last week when demonstrating it to a colleague, but it was because I didn't follow instructions - typical man!!!

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