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After 12 years of being ill, I'm now feeling great and can resume a normal life!

Hi all. I haven't posted on here for a while because I've been busy getting my life on track (but not forgetting the amazing advice I have got from thyroid uk and people on hu.

Long story short. Thyroxine did bugg all for my hypothyroidism. But with a natripath and copious amouts of vitaminsminerals/thyroid glangelars i am feeling great and have youthful energy.(stioo on 275mcg levo)

(My brain function/ fog is still here mostly, but that's manageable on itself. And hopefully in next few months that will start to improve too ideally....)

So my point being is try the right supplements before going on t3 . as I was a split decision away from taking the offer of t3, but decided to fix my body much as possible first!!! And now hopefully won't need to have to be on complex schedule of t3 for the rest of my life!

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Hi interesting to read your story. Sounds like you are on top of it. Last year had half my thyroid removed because of a nodule after op found it was benign so could have kept it. Now had blood test telling me my TSH is 5.16 and my T4 IS 12.1 so since last year have not been on any thyroid medication. Had a hysterectomy in June, fractured my ankle 6 weeks ago and putting on weight. So possible fatty liver due to lack of exercise and thyroid issues checking if using iodine supplement put a drop on my wrist. Would that be bad for my thyroid, could that make it worse. ???


Hey. From what I have read, iodine supplementation is somewhat controversial/risky, and needs clinical judgement... Part of my treatment plan is iodine though. (Although my nhs gp said to avoid it...!!) So point being, if gp says no, don't take that as gospel!!!! Seek specialist advice.


My tsh is a tad on the low side 0.02 with fT3 6.2 (0.2 over limit.) But I had clinically high rT3 2 months ago so not all of that will be active and influencing my metabolism


Yeah thanks, I just don't want to have to go on Thyroxine. You know you go to your Surgeon and they don't listen to other alternatives. I have had all sorts of blood tests iron studies were fine. my vit D is low 59 and my liver results now say I have possibly got a fatty liver I think due to lack of exercise due to fracturing my ankle 6 weeks ago also eating to much dark chocolate maybe not helping. So now having ultrasound to see about liver and trying to detox my liver. To much to think about with 2 teenagers as well.


These Drs I see just don't seem to care. I have to tell them what tests I want checked instead of them saying Hey maybe we should check this or that. Now I probably have to have another blood test because they didn't check my B12 and if that is low then you can become forgetful tired etc.


My kidney results were not ideal I found out either. (Only found out when I requested my medical notes, the docs never told me. )

So I would reccomend the following:-

-exercise (in whatever form you can)

Request gp medical records

Request hospital records

Take control of your own health, don't rely on NHS

Take the right supplements (I'm on nutri meds)

Cut out sugar

Stop and take 10 mins of personal time every day (is stress)

Put money aside for private docs in future / expensive supplements

Chases up NHS re you're direction of treatment at every appropriate opportunity.

Make sure you're doing everything you need to to ensure your weight is right (if you're body allows you of course)

Talk to people about it

Be positive

Be happy


Am delighted with this news...well done Hypo-dan...


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