I have just returned from a doctors appointment where i am sorry/not sorry to say i was a little firm with him and told him what i thought about the way i am being treated and the care i am receiving or lack of .I mentioned about being sent to see an Endo and he said that only happens for Hyper and i am Hypo. He admitted that Drs don't really know a lot about Thyroid problems and it is trial and error unfortunately and some people react better or quicker than others. I mentioned the ongoing pain in my foot and how i was told to wear arch supports, this i did but to no joy and for once i was examined and given a number to call for an x ray. Can you imagine my shock.......I have just called and they asked me if i wanted TODAY! Wow what a result, I was also given a report to send off for my appeal about the way the illness effects me and the symptoms i have. Has someone listened to me at last and influenced people very quickly i wonder lol

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  • Well done and the only way now is upwards and make sure you are on enough medication to remove the pain in your foot, if the x-ray shows no problem.

  • glad to hear it 'henry ' ....just goes to show what a little firmness and assurance does ..... yet more proof that assertion in the correct place and a little knowledge can achieve ..... look forward to speaking with you soon ....alan

  • Thank you alan it does,i just hope others will see this and it will persuade them to be a little firmer.

  • Good for you, wish i could be more assertive

  • I always hear that Tatty10 but sometimes it can be a bad thing,in my case anyway as i wont let go once i start so don't punish yerself over that as it can be a better approach a lot of the time.

  • hi i has my appointment yesterday with my endo, i explained that i still had some hypo symptoms, he looked at my blood results and he said they are in the range, so you are ok, see you in 6 months and i said thank you and went, why did i not stick up for myself, now i have to live with these symptoms they are not life threatening but they are making me a bit fed up

  • Did your doctor actually pass his medical exams? I ask because where on earth (or anywhere else, come to that) would he get the idea that only hyper patients get referred to an endo?

  • If you can muster up the nerve to confront GP's and endo's now is the time to do it. The NHS consultants and doctors are very weary at the moment with bad medical practice hitting the headlines every day and are just starting to get it into their thick skulls that they are not a reincarnation of god, or one of his disciples', but ordinary human beings who can, and do, make awful mistakes.

    Although they have never really been held accountable before for their mismanagement or treatment of patients the tides turning and new laws are being made. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there will be a miraculous overnight change in the attitude of some but they know that, at the moment, there is more chance of them getting reported and investigate.

    Rant over and well done Henry for being firm and knowing exactly what you want. Being the meek and mild mannered person that I am I would never think of doing such a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!.LOL.

    Moggie x

  • Thank you Moggie.

  • WHY NOT ??? ----im sure you have it in you ------JUST DO IT will feel and be better than you are at this moment in time -----PROVEN TACTICS DO WORK ...... alan

  • I was being sarcastic Alan. The last time I saw a crap endo I caused uproar in the endocrinology dept of my local hosp by telling her she didn't know her thyroid from her kneecap. I was shaking with temper that much that they wouldn't let me

    The main man (who I thought I was seeing but didn't) got to hear of it and it is now on my notes that I am only to see him!!!!!

    No I am definitely no shrinking violet Alan - completely the opposite - more like a roaring

    Moggie x

  • i love the inverted sarcasm moggie , and so glad that I am not the only one that sets their feet in concrete and wont budge when I know I am right ....Im happy to be known as 'the haemaroid ' ---coz im that pain in the bum that wont go away ---- certainly gets things done though.....keep roaring !!!!! ....LoL alan xx

  • Your GP is wrong about referrals only being made if you are hyper. I am hypo and was referred by my GP. Being assertive is important. My moto is its my health, my rules. I will complain if I am not happy without hesitation.

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