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Palpitations with low iron?

The last week or two I've been suffering with palpitations. These are not the loud, thumping ones but more of a flutter. The last two days they seem to be happening more often than I've experienced them before. They happen during the day.

Two weeks ago I discovered that my ferritin was 33 (range 20 - 300 I think) and my serum iron was 9 (range 11 - 30). Since then I have been taking 200 mgs Ferrous Sulphate twice a day. I seem to be tolerating it pretty well gut wise.

However, I feel absolutely knackered and low. My TSH was 1.30 (0.5 - 5.5) and T4 18 (10 - 22). I'm levo 100 mcgs and 75mcgs alternate days.

I have had palpitations in the past and they appeared to be a hypo symptom for me. I don't think I can be going hyper on based on my blood results.

Just wondering if anyone else had had these particularly when low in iron or when taking iron supplements.

Many thanks for your thoughts.

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Hi I would definitely ask for a Free T3 test, I feel this is more likely to be the problem. If GP unwilling, then on line, so long as a well known Lab, if you want treatment on. I know docs like Blue horizon, they do a finger prick test, quote TUK10 for a discount. iron/ ferritin take 3 months to get to maximum levels, I would be surprised if yours is so low that it is causing these symptoms.What is your B12 + foliates, needs to be high in range and vit D, also hormonal, bog standard NHS test, not perfect but only £25 through the site at City hospital, Birmingham, takes a week from them though.If low a corrected calcium test before treatment should be a script, retest 4 months to check the levels, as with the iron.

However, I definitely would not rule out Atrial Fibrillation, thyroid disease can cause an early onset of that any age. unless you already have had a home monitor, 24 hour or better 7 day monitor from the GP, you may need one. First medical recognised test is measure manually Heart rate ( Pulse), after 10 mins resting , 3 times a day, must include the paps time too. Note, if very uneven beat then the monitor important. Monitor your H.R for 2 weeks, do BP as well if you can check the BP at the same time, cuff only, arm straight on a table level etc. BP normally goes lower when in A.F, not fool proof though. As intermittent for years it is not any use having a normal E.C.G, the home monitor does non stop ones.

Best wishes,


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I had that too when i started NDT. It was the adrenals. When the adrenals are out of whack, thyroid t3/t4 or t3 seem to bring it out- their mess. Perhaps ask for them to be tested and cortisol.


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