Thyroid Cyst

Less than a week after my thyroid cyst was drained it is back, harder than before and it is now hurting when I swallow, cough, laugh or to touch. It is worrying me now. I have an appointment on Wednesday with my consultant to get results of FNA and antibodies test so will talk with him then. I am nervous that it has progressed to this so quickly, there was no pain up until today. If anyone else out there has had this problem I would love to hear from you.

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  • I have cysts, though not on my thyroid, and it is completely pointless draining them as they do just refill, the sac has to be removed, and I'm actually surprised that a doctor wouldnt know this and would bother draining it unless it was done as a temporary thing to relieve pressure if it was pressing against something

  • Hi Susymac and thanks for your reply. To be honest I think my consultant just wanted a sample to test but the doctor who carried it out drained the cyst which was great at first, Today I feel so much worse, I can feel the lump there when I swallow etc and it feels bruised, thats the only way I can describe it. I am thankful that I only need to wait until Wednesday to see him to update him and get results. I am just worried now that since Wednesday when it came back I feel so much worse, its frightening how I might feel in a few days if it carries on as it is. Again, thanks for your reply. x

  • How rotten for you! How do you feel today? If you're no better, or worse, I'd get an appointment tomorrow to see the doctor in addition to whatever/whoever you're seeing on Wednesday. Have you tried simple remedies for the short term like, maybe, sucking ice cubes to relieve the inflammation?

  • Hi Humphrey, thanks for replying. Still just have the pain when swallowing etc. think I am ok until Wednesday when I see my consultant. Got used to it now, I think it was just a bit of a shock yesterday to notice a change in lump etc and the tenderness of it. Had a day out Christmas shopping today so was dreading it a bit. x

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