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Diagnosed with Graves, only just started the thyroxine part of block and replace, Been off work ill for 2 weeks, after struggling feeling

ill for some time. My question is how long were any of the forum members off work? I am still hoping to recover to good health, at the moment taking 30 mg carb and 50mg thyroxine, feeling better than I did , but not there yet.

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I was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago. I was on carb for too long before I started levo so became quite hypo by the end of February when I started the levo so having been very hyper then suddenly pretty hypo didn't do much for my syste.

I can remember feeling really bad just after I was diagnosed and put on Carbimazole. I was fortunate in that I am retired but I work part time and I felt so worried that I wouldn't last the pace I cancelled all of my January work.

Basically I just decided I was really ill and so I totally indulged myself and lazed around, I slept almost all the time, did very little, certainly nothing I felt I 'ought' to do - only things I wanted to do.

Fortunately for me my kids are grown up (I'm 64) and have left home so it was just my husband and I. He did all the shopping and cooking for quite a while then gradually I felt better and joined the world again, by April I was back working and by that time I felt a lot better and was really ready and looking forward to starting.

I'm sorry but it is hard to say how long I would have been off work if I had had a regular job to go to.

Just remember Graves is a horrible disease and even if you don't look it ( I lost so much weight I looked great) you are really pretty ill so treat yourself kindly.

Liz x


thanks for your reply Liz, not been able to get on this forum for 2 days


Hi I am a teacher and was off for three months as I could hardly walk, slept a lot, hope you feel better soon.


thanks Ruby, been off 4 weeks now , nowhere near ready to return


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