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I just want to give people a headsup regarding stopping your medication of Levothyroxine "don't" I had forgot to take my medication for 2 weeks and on THursday of this week I had the most horrendous day, I couldn't get out of bed couldn't lift my head off the pillow without the room swimming and feeling sick (no I hadn't been drinking) I was sick twice and it was awful I just wanted it all to go away, was moaned at by my mother and the nurses at the surgery for not taking my medication so I have vowed never to forget again I really don't want another day like that. Maybe it wasn't to do with the medication but I think it was I have never had it before and never want it again. Even two days on I am still feeling the effects even though I do feel better than I did.

I really didn't think it would affect me that much but now I know different.

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There can be serious consequences when you stop taking your medication without the doctor's say so.

Once diagnosed, it is a lifetime of medication. Sometimes if you begin to feel better or feel worse, there is a temptation to stop, but you have already experienced the consequence.

I hope you feel better now.


Yes thank you I do feel better I really didn't think it would make that much difference.


How did you manage to forget your meds for TWO WEEKS!!!!! that is some brain fog you have got there.

Moggie x


I found with levo that because the half life is longer that I didn't feel the effects of forgetting until it was too late. On NDT you feel it quickly. My hands start to itch badly if I miss a day now..


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