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hit by a bulldozer

not literally but i feel like i have and they even reversed over me

ive been feeling so so for a while even managed to crochet a few hats for kids and grandaughter

but today i hurt from head to foot

my chest feels bruised

stiff neck

and freezing cold

keep feeling like ive been drinking

feel so depressed and anxious

called endo to see if i could get seen earlier but he has nothing until next year

so i asked if they had emergency appointments as felt really ill and she told me no

so i asked for a cancellation so shes taken my number and fingers crossed something comes up soon (due to see him 9th december)

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HI It could be a virus, often we think all is thyroid In any case I would be sure to have a Diabetes test, for the cold, worse than with thyroid, TSH, T4 and Free T3, to check levels, FBC ( full blood count) and U`s and E`s, kidney function.Then, you will be better placed to have it sorted when you see the endo.If. seeing Endo, I assume you have had up to date tests for D, corrected calcium ( if low), B12 + foliates, iron/ferritin. These should be done annually with thyroid disease. More if required. Thyroid tests much more frequently. be sure to have a print out + ranges and take it with you.The FBC will show if you have infection , and the U`s and E`s.

I would also phone the Endo`s sec and ask for a cancellation, docs are good at forgetting!Say you can manage a last minute on too, that is quite likely.

Best wishes,



my drs wont do any more tests as my last TSH was in range so hopefully endo will run the full test

ive asked for cancellation with endo so hopefully will get seen sooner

i may pop in walk in centre later if paracetamol dont sort the pain out

when i say pain its not heart attack pain its just bruised


Never take 'you are in range' as a positive. You have to get a print-out of your last blood test complete with the ranges. Just ask your surgery - you are entitled and post on a new question for comments. Always keep a copy of your blood test results for your own records.

If you are on optimum thyroid medication, your pain should disappear, insomnia and all clinical symptoms but you have to be on the right medication for you plus optimum dose.


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