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serum ldl cholestrol

high can someone tell me what this is? recently diagnosed hypothyroid my last blood results shows:

1.56 mmol/L LDL value has attained high CVC risk

also serum triglycerides = 0.35mmol/L low

I've got loads of other results but don't know which ones are important to look at, don't think they've done vitamin tests, just wondering whether I should be taking any supplements, i don 't take anything currently as have a well balanced diet.

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You would have to post your blood test results complete with the ranges, to enable members to comment on them.You are entitled to a print-out of you blood tests from the surgery and you should keep them for your own records.


thanks I've got my print outs, just my scanner is not working so can't upload them at the moment.


High cholesterol is common in people who suffer with hypothyroidism. In fact a few decades ago a cholesterol test was used to diagnose hypothyroidism.

When/if you ever get your hypothyroidism treated your cholesterol will almost certainly drop, and will probably drop quite dramatically and quickly. Don't let anyone put you on statins. What you need is decent hypothyroidism treatment!

Edit : Could I have got the word "hypothyroidism" into this post any more times? Possibly not - once per sentence is probably quite enough for anyone. ;)

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thanks, i'm being treated, 4 weeks of 50mcg levo per day, and it's just been upped to 100mcg. repeat thyroid bloods in 2 months, maybe I'll ask for a cholestrol test again then and see if I can see any difference, would be great if that just dropped with teh levo treatment.


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