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Hi, 6 weeks into 75mcg Levothyroxine after diagnosed Hashimoto's. Feel worse than ever - have put on over 1st in 6 weeks & horrible rash ?

Doctor says weight gain is not related to medication ? Likewise with rash ?...very strange that befor I took levo - had very clear good skin...always been overweight - but never expanded literally on a daily basis like now. Has anyone else found this - being on Levo ?

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Hi...levo has made me put on weight...I am sure its also causing my hair loss


Hi. I was on Levo for 2 months and I also put on weight and had terrible scalp itching. My hypo symptoms got worse. I decided I needed T3 and switched to Erfa. Am now feeling a lot better ( after a few hiccoughs in the first 2 months) but you have to go really slowly to get the benefit in the long run.


Hi All common at start of treatment, especially. You need another blood test after 6 weeks on the meds, TSH, T4 and Free T3, for the weight, often need T3 with the Levo, similar to NDT but synthetic. It depends solely on the blood tests. Re tests and adjustments every 6 weeks, until stable, often a year.All blood tests ask for a print out, receptionist, sec at hospital, with the ranges, as most blood differ per Lab.A docs, OK is not often our OK.

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Here is a link that lists ALL the side effects of levo (and it is a long one).

Moggie x


Thanks for everyone's input. Can kind of put up with most of the side effects - its just the weight gain that's so upsetting. Have always been a bit 'plump' lol..but now gone up to 14stone ( 5ft. 3 ) -everything aches..have a dodgy knee that has now become 10 times worse...feel awful - to the point that I have enquired about having a gstric band fitted...still early stages thinking about it - but if its the only way I can get this weight off - I will go ahead.



When I was first diagnosed I had exactly the same. Took for 5 months and became so poorly. In the end I refused to take it and have been on liothyronine t3 ever since. Obviously intolerance for me, but since becoming hypo I also have wheat egg and dairy I intolerance. My hypo is autoimmune.


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