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Antibody level high but TSH and T4 now normal with 75g Levothyroxine - still feeling terrible, should I be on an increased dose?

Hi this is my first post, I have been on levothyroxine for 12 weeks now, initially at 50mg which returned no change in my first blood results. For the past 7 weeks I've been on 75mg and my T4 and TSH levels have responded on my last results but I still feel absolutely knackered, hair still falling out in clumps, dry skin, aching joints, can't lose weight (the list goes on). My results are: T4 - 20.7; TSH - 0.86, both of these seem to fall within the 'normal' range , however my thyroid peroxidase antibody level is 433.3 with normal being 0-35. I've been reading lots about Hashimotos and how drs in UK are reluctant to treat with normal thyroid readings. I am being treated but now that, as my dr put it, 'I'm chemically ok' he won't increase my dose.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure if I should seek a specialist or if I'll just be told the same thing?

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Hi - and welcome to the site. It's good that you are reading about Hashimotos - as it is more of an auto-immune problem rather than a thyroid one. It could be a good idea to ask you GP to test your FT3 - which is what the T4 tablet you are taking should convert into. This is the active hormone needed in all your cells and may help your symptoms if it is at a good level. It needs to be near the top of the range.

Also it is important to have the following tested - B12 Iron Ferritin Folates and VitD. They too should be near the top of the range and are often very low in people with thyroid issues due to poor absorption. What you are experiencing happens to many on this forum as doctors have lost the art of treating by your symptoms - and instead rely on blood tests. Best to take control and take good care of yourself.

Lots of categories on the right of this page - maybe worth clicking onto a few relevant ones and learn about the experiences of others.

Do hope you find some answers soon and start to feel well. It does take time and requires a great deal of attention to diet and healing the gut.


This doctor has hashi's herself and a couple of members have said that her book is very helpful. There is also a blog.


This functional medicine doctor explains TPO in this one video in a series. If you think it makes sense I would suggest you watch others in the series.


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