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help with results


I have been hypothyroid for 20 years and diagnosed with hashi many years ago. Usually I am fairy stable on a dose of 125mg. I have had a semi thyroidectomy and there was a spell after that when I needed 150mg and it took a while to stabilise.

Over the last 6 months I have had spells of feeling really unwell, dizzy, sick, v tired and unable to sleep. My doctor said my blood tests indicate I was over medicated and need to lower my dose but to repeat blood test 3 weeks later. The second blood test showed i was undermedicated to the dose was raised.

I have now had another blood test and once again I am over medicated.

Is it common for hashimotos to give these erratic symptoms one day fine the next day feeling terrible? I am also coming up to 50 so maybe menopausal.

I have finally got my results from the Dr and would appreciate any comments on them as I want to be prepared when I make a face to face appointment

I am still unsure s to why my levels change so much and is there anything that can be done to stabilise them.

The ranges are T4 11-22 TSH 0.27 - 4.2

date Free T4 serumTSH dose

Feb 10 25.4 0.15 125

Apr 10 20.7 2.82 125

Oct 10 17.9 5.45 125

Nov 10 22.1 3.71 125

Jun 11 No res 2.29 125

Jan 12 No res 3.76

11 Ap12 19.4 1.2 125

23 Jul12 No res 1.05 125

27 Dec12 No res 0.46 125 changed to 100

26 Ap 13 30. 3 0.06 100 changed to 125

11 Jun 13 13.7 4.24 125

19 Jul13 No res 0.72 125 changed to 100

8 Oct 25.8 0.12 100

I hope you can read the table!

I am still having periods of dizziness and terrible itching and generally feeling rubbish!

many thanks

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Hi The thyroid often gets worse with age. You also need a Fee T3 test, as quite common to suddenly need T3 with the levo( T4), Only the tests show this. Most people find T4 at a third of the top of range and Free T3 near the top, is best for them.

I am struggling to sort out your results, but that should cover it.There is a test for post menopausal levels, if you feel that might help.

Best wishes,


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Many thanks Jackie. I am going to the Dr this afternoon so I will ask if I can have all the tests you suggest.



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