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Mary Shomon's Letters And UK Dr. A.P. Weetman

Mary Shomon, thyroid patient advocate, has written two letters that many of you may find of interest. One is to share with family, friends and coworkers and the other is an open letter to endocrinologists. These are the the links to the two letters. PR

Letter to the endocrinologists

Letter to family, friends and coworkers.

You may leave a comment if you choose to do so on the letter to family and friends.

This is the link to the newsletter which also has an article about UK Dr. A.P. Weetman who came up with, "It's the patients fault".

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Thanks PR4NOW. It's no wonder people can be infused with rage when the see Dr Weetman's comments (not unusual I should imagine amongst some Endos) but the fact that he was awarded yet another prestigious Award from the USA - the earlier one being European - God help us.

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I will not comment on this man for fear of cultivating a reputation as a 'potty mouth'.

Thanks for posting. Interesting and helpful as always :)

Carolyn x

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This man is not fit to practice and be in charge of any thyroid patient's health, especially when good men like Dr. Skinner are hauled over the coals every time they dare to defy the ridiculous parameters set by idiots like Weetman! Methinks the man should be on a psychiatrist's couch himself to deal with his obvious ego problems...


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