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I need a book to understand hypo - what's the best one?

It's very clear to me (or not, as the case may be) how little I know about hypothyroidism, how many grey areas there are. I tried to read the converting T4 to T3 question and answers and it was like another language to me, lol. So the question is, what would you say is the best book to buy, to get to grips with all of this, please?

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There are a lot of books about thyroid disorders and most of us have found that we need to read more than one!

Thyroid UK have many in their lending library:

as well as a couple to buydirectly from them:

and some reviews

No doubt others will tell you which their favourites are :)

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Stop the thyroid madness by Janie A Bowthorpe


Diagnosis and Management of Hypothyroidism by specialist Dr Gordon Skinner.

£12 if you buy it at his surgery, more expensive online.


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