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RealEyes ** here and new to the group and around a month old on the Healthunlocked site ! Glad to be here :) I was wondering if anyone here has had any eye related problems that they suspect is part of a low thyroid condition ? I am curious about that as I have had some recent eye problems and wonder if it could be thyroid related. + I wonder if there is a correlation between eye health and our thyroid health ... I do know that a hyperthyroid condition can affect eyes in serious ways ! Thanks in advance for any thoughts about my question and Happy Spring 2017 every one from realeyes **

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  • Yes eye problems can occur if you have Hashimotos

    I have Hashimotos and have very dry eyes - been using hypromellose eye drops for years.

    Recently tried adding vitamin A - but can't say it's made much difference. Though I did find they got even drier when also supplementing vitamin D. Adding vitamin A seems to have reduced this.

    There is lots of info on web about importance of vitamin A with Hashimotos


  • Thanks for your feedback and website link Slow Dragon ... I started Vitamin A supplements way too late in life - just recently. I am seeing another eye doctor today and am quite anxious about this. Low thyroid affects soo many body systems ! thx again for sharing and will be back here again sometime soon. all the best to you , realeyes **

  • There are many correlations between low thyroid hormone levels and eye issues.

    Poor focussing.

    Reduced ability to cope with bright lights (e.g. oncoming headlamps).

    Reduced colour vision.

    Discomfort, even pain, possibly in and all round the eyes.

    Tiredness (of eyes).

    Greater presence of floaters - or less capacity for dealing with them.

    Double vision.

    Loss of or reduced eyelashes and eyebrows.

    Eyelid drooping, which is also called ptosis.

    Small bluish dots and flake-like opacities in the superficial cortex of each lens.

    Dry eye - reduced tear forming and lubrication.


    In extreme cases, the pituitary can enlarge and press on the optic nerve, possibly having a very serious effect on sight. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

    Thyroid Eye Disease (Graves Eye Disease), although associated with hyperthyroidism, can also occur in hypothyroidism and in people with no thyroid hormone problems. It is not the high thyroid hormone level that causes TED but is believed to be antibodies. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

    Wishing you well with your vision.

    If you use any form of eye drop to help with dry eyes, get a form that has no preservative. Many of us start out OK with regular eyedrops (e.g. hypromellose) but become sensitive to the preservative such that they end up irritiating more than they soothe.

  • I appreciate your info about symptoms Helvella ! That has explained some questions that I have had over the last year ! Doing my best at this moment to digest the info as I have an eye doctor appt in the next hour or so. whew The retina will be dialated, etc and that happened last week, too. I am upset over all this yet have to keep my wits about me ! I hope to ask them about the low thyroid aspect of it, yet in past I have asked and the optholmolgist (sp?) was very dismissive about any relationship with the low thyroid issue. thanks again for your info H and will be back here in near future. realeyes **

  • Hope it goes well - don't hold back in explaining.

  • I get phases of thyroid eyes its a bit like my sister says of trying to look through a heat hase the only cure for me is to raise mh meds a little.

  • 'Thyroid eyes' - I find that very interesting Glynisrose ! Thanks for sharing ! It is something i have been wondering about for some time now yet No doctor i have talked to about it has said much - other than about Hyperthyroid and how that can affect the eyes. Your sharing tells me that i am not the only one who thinks that thyroid affects our eyes more often than doctors are willing to believe or talk about (from my limited experience). I appreciate hearing from you G and thx again for sharing. realeyes **

  • I have always had eye strain and headaches since a child which often lead to migraines. More visual disturbances than anything. My daughter is the same and just been given some mild glasses. I was also as a kid but a doctor told me they were so weak they wouldn't help at all and would make my eyesight worse in the long run.

  • Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked Katiekatie ? Getting a 'true' thyroid blood test is challenging as some of the blood tests are not that accurate - so much controversy around that within the 'medical' community. I understand thyroid antibody tests are more accurate than TSH tests, yet you might get lots of resistance to that by doctors. so sad there are not more accurate ways to assist people in these times ... thanks for your share Katie and take care of your eyes ! quite vital to our quality of life, yes ! all the best, realeyes **

  • RealEyes,

    Thyroid tests are a snapshot in time so the TSH and FT4 result is always accurate although the results will vary according to the time of day the blood was drawn. FT3 testing can be less accurate as there appears to be more variability in the FT3 analysis machines. Thyroid antibody tests are completely different to TSH tests and can't possibly be more or less accurate than TSH tests.

  • Hi, yes I get thyroid tests done regularly mainly private though as my doctors only do t4 and tsh. I don't have an NHS diagnosis anyhow just private.I don't have high antibodies but they are rising so keeping an eye on them(excuse the pun). I am hypothyroid though but currently it's managed ok and I am on NDT.

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