Itching and sweating

For the last year been suffering with persistent itching of the Labia which my doc gave me cream but chemist told me that could be coz im thyroid.Also persistent itching on my back wy is this as I feel ok since doc put my thyroxine up from 25g to50g The cream does not work it burns when applied which is getting very irritating can any one help...

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  • That personal itching could be due to candida/thrush. Try the one-off pills. You can buy them expensively from a chemist or much more cheaply on Amazon here

    The intimate itching stopped for me at menopause, but those pills plus applying anti-fungal cream used to help. Which cream are you using? Try Canestan or Daktacort (unti-fungal + HC).

  • Hi there Marabelle, there are different reasons for itching in the genital area. As Rosetrees said it can be thrush, or maybe diabetes. I was eventually diagnosed with lichen schlerosis which is thought to be an auto-immune condition, and because thyroid dysfunction can also be auto-immune, you are more likely to get it if you have thyroid problems. What cream did the doctor give you? Lichen schlerosis requires the use of steroid cream regularly at first and then occasionally to stop it flaring up again. Some people find the steroid irritating and may also need to use a hormone cream as well to protect the skin. If you search on the internet for lichen schlerosis you'll find websites and support groups.

  • Hi tin lizzy deff not thrush wondered if it was sugar diabetes will look up Lichen schlerosis.thanks

  • Yes this worked for me.x

  • hi Rosetrees been thru menopause long ago tried cannestan and another cream doc gave me doesn't work its not a discharge its on the outer skin deff not thrush as had that years ago id know the difference will be goig back to doc.It goes and comes using at the min Clotrimazole cream....

  • I have this itching too and its defo not thrush, it only itches when I go to bed, I think its when the area is hot. Also have been sweating at night too. I will research lichen sclerosis, thank you.

  • yes will look it up ..

  • I have found relief from the itching with antihistamine tablets. But it's true it's worse at night when I'm hot. Menopause has not decreased the symptoms

  • postmenopausal here, post hysterectomy and diabetic-2- and my same itching symptoms have been tracked down to my eating sugar-anything with added sugar - a few hours later, also when in bed, and i have intense itching, if i completely have no sugar then it doesn't happen, perhaps try this for a couple of weeks and see if that is so for you as well, my doc says no such thing as sugar intolerance and itching, must be candida, well creams and pills do little good if sugar is still being ingested.. worth a shot & good luck i know how insane the itching can be--i scratch till it hurts to stop the itch..when i get it...rare now

  • This is interesting I do have a sweet tooth will take your advice on cutting out some sugar very difficult when sugar is in almost every thing .The itching can start any time but morning is often and I can sctratch till its raw,Will look up candida thanks ...

  • Hi It can be all those things, make sure you have an Hb1Ac test for diabetes. It could also be the wetness from perspiring. This is common. The only thing that helps me with all these + more itches is cortisone cream, script, it is not absorbed. However, it is vital to have the correct one for each different area, as strengths must vary. There are a few dermatologist`s who specialise in this ,often working with a gynae, . However, it is really trial and error.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks will ask for a diabetes test and a different cream...

  • Please do not leave the itching. I thought I was developing diabetes but my GP instinctively knew that it was Lichen Sclerosis. She sent me to a gynae and I now have a firm diagnosis..... I am so glad she spotted it.

    It is common in those with thyroid issues but it is an insidious condition. The problem can make your Labia scar and shrink and eventually lead to a narrowing of the vagina, as well as having little paper type cuts down below which are painful.

    The steroids are the first line of treatment but they do work. Yes, there are times when it flares up, but keep sugar intake to a minimum and don't bathe in anything that is perfumed and you will be fine.

  • Thank your replies really helpful as this has been going on for a year,it stops and starts will be visiting the doc ..

  • Hi there, I too experienced these symptoms, but also had mad itching of the eyebrows and scalp, too. I was eventually diagnosed with lichen Planopilaris - which is also an autoimmune condition and ...means I will eventually go bald!

    Your diet is key!!! I stopped gluten, sugar, processed foods and upped my veg intake dramatically. Flushing, sweating, racing heart stopped and thank goodness the itching. Unfortunately hair loss is ongoing, but has slowed of late. The doc wanted to prescribe steroids, apparently it's the only thing to deal with it, but I decided against. Both these conditions are all variants of lichen planus, which loves acidic environments, so need to make sure the diet is as alkaline as poss. can make it. I had a blip last week, ate chocolate that I was using to make buns for a coffee morning and boy almost a week later....heart palps, aches, I unwell now because of it.

  • hi have had itching scalp and itch on my back all the time hair loss ok as of now, but will have to change my eating habits certainly not taking steroids.thanks for the advice...

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