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why do I need to sleep

can anyone tell me why almost everyday at around midday I need to sleep its so hard to stay awake and I have to as I work , I get home at 2pm and fall asleep and sleep for hours then wake up and feel better, and I really need to go to the gym when I finish work at 2pm , as I have gained so much weight, im on 75mg levothyroxine , I take it at night around 9- 10 pm please help im desperate its taking over my life

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Sometimes our bodies tell us what is best for us. Your body is obviously letting you know it is exhausted and, to develop some energy, it has to sleep.

I would suggest you get a copy of your thyroid gland blood tests, or a new one if you haven't had one recently and post the results complete with the ranges for members to comment. Also ask for a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate too.

You are exercising to lose weight and it would appear that many not on optimum medication for them gain weight. Exercising lowers your T3 (the active hormone) and you may not be converting enough T4.

Exhaustion and tiredness are clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism. Do you feel well other than tiredness?

This is a link and you can read the topics which interest you if you haven't seen it before. Some of the links within may not work as it is an archived site.



I sleep in the afternoon every day after lunch and cant get thru the day if I don't have 2-3 hours sleep. think eating makes me tired but have read its a thyroid condition.


Tottaly agree with this! I just don't do lunchtimes and haven't for many years. Onve over this bad hour or two I am OK again.


Hi be sure to ask for your blood results with a the ranges ( differ0 from the receptionist. I suspect you are very under treated. Be sure to have tSH, T4 and Free T3 tested, on line if GP a problem. Also have a diabetes test, it is hormonal and autoimmune, this is the worse and first symptoms of diabetes. It can actually be lots of things ,so do make sure if it is either of these first.

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In addition to what everyone else has said - have you had your cortisol levels measured? Do the Genova UK 24hour saliva test. Afternoon dips like that are a classic symptom of adrenal problems.

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Agree, get lab blood results, (75mcg of T4 is not a great deal) but then as feeling like that means adrenal output needs checking, (maybe ease back on gym until you know what's going on) plus of course all the other substances required for good T4 to t3 conversion requires checking.


thank you all for your replies I will go back to the doctor and get tested again , I had a diabetes test a few months ago and it was negative , I do get a low blood sugar feeling sometimes, and need to eat to feel better


think we should all take a siesta in the afternoon.,whats good enough for spain!!


I solved the low blood sugar feeling by eating three small meals and three snacks. I also gave up eating sandwiches for lunch to avid the 2pm dip. I think I need to get my adrenals checked as I sometimes need a nap I feel like 15 mins but have slept for 3 hours!!


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