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anybody know what actually happens to the thyroid with post baby hypothyrodism expereincing pain and lots of burning thyroid area!

hi everyone here i am 9 months after baby and 2 and half months on levo now on 75mg and levels slowly rising and doing the best i can with the rough ride to get better just had a very nasty cold and chest infection and seems to have pretty much gone but the area around my thyroid has started really aching and burning also causing earache and pain down side of neck i do have low antibodies i rang my doctors and he was not very helpful and not got any answers has anybody got any ideas why this is happening rather concerned and worried as not very nice thanks for reading


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Hi sorry to hear your feeling so poorly! Postpartum thyroid problems and called postpartum thyroiditis. Thyroiditis is basically an inflammation of your thyroid brought on by changes to your body I.e pregnancy. The good news is that it is usually temporary (18 months) although some people go on to have it permanently. There is usually a lot of fluctuating in your thyroid levels,that's why it's difficult to control with medication but they are sometimes prescribed to take the edge off. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is go back to the docs,and try and get retested but they will probably be resistant because your thyroid is changing so much right now. I really hope you feel better soon but if not just remember that all this probably won't last forever for you!


hi kezza999 thanks so much for thispost its been worrying me a lot as been so ill anyway i was slightly under active from my first baby so iv found out. you start thinking that it could be something else going on especially when your still unwell and thinking its something worse silly me i know thankyou for coming to my rescue i did not realize that it can take 18 months and the fluctualting so il keep going having blood test monday so can see where im at

saraxx xx


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