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HELP! I have all the symptoms of Hyperthyroidism, Fatigue, sweats, hunger/thirst/ breathlessness, itching etc but

have just returned from my GP who had the results of many blood tests including TSH and the a few other Thyroid tests and all were normal. However, im convinced this is what the problem is and I have a family history of Thyroid problems, mother had hers removed, cousins and Aunties. So, my Question is, can the tests be wrong and could I still have it? and if so what other ways are there to test it?

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hI Would you like to post your results with the vital ranges? Make sure they have also done FT3 and antibodies. Have you also had a Diabetes test as similar symptoms? Autoimmune and hormonal.B12 + Foliates, vit D and iron/ferritin. Also LFT`s would be useful ( liver function),

Best wishes,



Yup what doctors think is in range aint always in range. I have been 3.4 and 4.1 and 5.5 and felt dreadful....can you put your tsh and free t4 up?


Hi Jackie, im going back to see a different Dr on Friday morning so gonna ask for the results and also I don't think she did do the T3 or T4 as my friend who actually took my bloody for me (as there was a 3 wks wait for my nurse to do it!!) works up the hospital and she said theres not that option on the bloody forms. So will do. I know she said my TSH was about 2.8, bang in the middle of the range... I have been tested for diabetes at the same time as I have that in the family too! that was ok, she said.... and for anemia . thanks x


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