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Personalty changes and exercise questions

Hi All,

I was diagnosed with uat nearly a year ago now Im on 125 of levo.

When i look back at how ive been over the last few years ive seen how much my personalty has changed..Is this normal. Last night i had a big argument with a friend as she doesn't under stand UAT. I reacted badly and stormed out... I fed up of being this moody woman.

Also as my uat seams to be ok of late ive started exercising alot...Would my need for so much levo still be needed or could it be reduced? Do i need to go back and see my gp after losing weight

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Your dose is only normal - some take much more but everyone is different to their bodies' needs.

Some people are more emotional and it might take a very small incident to trigger a bad response. Can you not apologise to your friend. I understand her not being aware of how much UAT can affect our health and wellbeing - even the doctors don't appear to know.

It does sound as though the dose you are taking at present suits you in that you have been exercising now. You say 'a lot' so maybe you are exercising too much at present and need to take it a bit more easy.

If you haven't had a thyroid gland blood test recently, ask your GP to do one for you just to check that you don't need a slight increase. If you are losing weight I think you must be on the right dose.

Some people who haven't got health problems still lose their tempers, so it may not only be UAT people.



Ty shaws....


You know, I have this theory (one of many! lol) that the novel Dr Jeykle and Mr Hyde was actually written about a man with thyroid disease. I can relate to it. After having, when my dose was cut, nearly murdered a bus driver that sneered at me, nearly crashed my car into a car that cut me up on a roundabout and nearly assaulted a gp when he made a rude remark about my weight, I can totally relate to it, and I know exactly what you're talking about.

The down side is that my personality change at one point lost me all my friends. And has several times nearly lost me jobs. It's no fun. Problem is, having been hypo all my life, I don't know who the real me is, just this person that keeps changing, whith the Hashi's swings and changing hormone doses, from butter-wouldn't-melt-in-her-mouth to snarling tiger going for the jugular. So, I think, yes, being hypo can change your personality. Hopefully, when your dose is optimised, you will become yourself again.

If you've started exercising a lot, I would say you might need an increase in meds, rather than a reduction, because exercising uses up your hormones. So perhaps a visit to your doctor to check your levels would be a good idea.

Hugs, Grey


LOL - I was / am overactive and I think my personality has changed. I have become SO intolerant in the last year or so, like Grey I have lost friends including a longstanding friendship with a former colleague, even though what I said was quite right and what I said was justified, I didn't actually say anything awful but the person in question wasn't prepared to admit that and apologise for what she had done, other members of my group pretty much went on her side which was meant I lost out big time, my husband was totally on my side and said the break up had been on the cards for a long time. having seen off my friends I then lost the place completely with my brother after he made yet another seriously unpleasant remark - they just trip off his tongue - but I think my worst just has to be the day (shortly after having been diagnosed) when husband and I were waiting for P&R bus, there were half a dozen pensioners in front of me (a pensioner too) the bus doors opened, everyone got off, the people in front of me just stood where they were under a shop canopy, none of them moved, eventually I said 'WELL, are you actually going to get on the bus or are you waiting for something else' - one guy made a rude comment about 'people being in a hurry' so I pointed out that when a bus stops and opens its door if none of the people waiting get on, the driver will close the doors again and drive off! Besides bus driver was not in a good mood because he had had to rev his engine and hoot at a car who had decided to park in his bus space so things were not looking good. Think my husband was horrified, got the impression he was trying to look as if he didn't know me.

So yes, I think your personality definitely changes when you have thyroid issues or maybe you've always been like tat and you just become less tolerant, I always thought it was a problem more likely to apply to people who were overactive.

Liz :-)


TY guys....I so needed you all..ty


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