Taking temp / joint pain

I have just started to read Dr Peatfield's book which is an eye-opener and no doubt I will have more questions but last night I noticed he says "do not take your temperature under your arm with a digital thermometer". Can anyone tell me why please?

Also, I have been on Levo since Aug and am now on 100mcg and without boring you with the reasons, didn't take any on Sunday. This didn't seem to make any difference, and in fact I felt pretty good yesterday except for the fact two of my fingers became extremely painful and I can hardly use them today. Could there be a link? I don't suffer from joint pain as a consequence of being hypo (at least I don't think so-I may think differently when I've finished the book!)

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It is preferable to use a mercury thermometer but, as you know, they have been discontinued and I think the digital may not be so accurate. So take it in the mouth.

Really?? Wish I'd known that 2 years ago!

This is an excerpt from a study which has been done:-


The results indicate that overall the DigiTemp thermometer on average under-recorded temperature significantly (p<0.05), both at oral and axilla sites, compared to a mercury-in-glass reading at the axilla. These mean differences could be considered clinically, as well as statistically, significant. For instance, a DigiTemp thermometer consistently under-recorded temperatures by 0.34°C, giving a measurement of 37°C, when the subject's 'real' temperature was 37.34°C. On the basis of the reading, the patient's temperature would appear normal, when in fact he or she had a pyrexia that would require nursing intervention (Heath, 1995). The disposable thermometers used to take oral temperature readings on average significantly under-recorded temperature compared to the mercury-in-glass reading.


I'm really interested to see what my temperature is tomorrow then since at the moment I am getting just under 36.0. I might be nearly normal...well at least my temperature might be anyway :-)

Sometimes our temperatures don't come back to normal.

The way I tell now, is that I feel warm. Feet and hands especially whereas they were always stone cold. The thing is we are unaware before being diagnosed that these are clinical symptoms

I am one of the hot ones. I can never understand how I feel absolutely roasting yet have a low temperature?

Temperature is only a guideline and your meds may be working quite well.

I was starting to think that myself-I felt really good yesterday but today feel dreadful with aches and pains all over. Hopefully a good nights sleep will put me right :-(

I hope you get a good nights sleep too. I always had aches and pains with levo.

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