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Been hypo, levo working at last. but what symptoms should I look out for re becoming hyper?

The 6 month 'hangover' has lifted at last. This is day 6 of feeling 'normal' after 6 months of dragging my torso around yawning widely in everyone's face.

100 of levo and a big handful of daily vitamins from a nutritionist have done the trick. I've largely managed it myself, with the help of this site.

GP would have left me at TSH of 10 and Free T4 of 10 because 'I wasn't that far from range'.

I disagreed after reading this site and pushed GP hard after every blood test. I went from 25 to 50 to 75 and now 100 levo. I 'told' her my aim was TSH of 0 or 1 and Free T4 of 18.

Bingo, I'm there. TSH now 0.7. Free T4 now 17.

GP now panicking saying I could go hyper and have heart palpitations.

Has anyone gone from hypo to hyper? Apart from feeling a high heartbeat, what other symptoms could warn me that 100 a day is too much?

Thanks for reading.



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Hi Lynda

Your levo should have come with a Patient Information Leaflet - this will contain the symptoms of being over-replaced.

This is the one for Actavis levo...



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I am currently over medicated. I have been reducing over the last 2 years levo from 125 slowly down to 50. During this time i was supplementing with nutri thyroid and nutri adrenal. My aim was to stop the hot flushes which were nothing to do with menopause. Becoming fed up with travel in around with so many pills i switched to very low dose t3 plus low dose levo. I went hyper overnight with no sleep headaches palpitation on lying down. It was awful. My doctor rightly says we are all different and what works for one may not work for another. So if you overdose or go hyper you generally are well aware.

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I have experienced being over medicated. you will feel like your heart it beating really hard and fast and you may feel panicky, anxious and snappy at family , also you may not be able to keep you mind focused when trying to concentrate, you won't be able to sleep properly either - you will know.

As long as you recognise the signs you will know why they are happening .

I take 100mg 3 days a week and 75mg 4 days a week which is perfect. If I take 100mg every day it is too much. I have a very good GP who let me adjust my dose in little amounts until I felt just right. The bloods may not differ much but how you feel does.

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I think you can rely on your own body-mind for this. (If you listen) Before I started on thyroid meds I had the sense I was dying. I knew I was getting healthier after starting medication. I don't really feel there is much danger in using your own sense. It sure beats what your doctor uses to decide you are over medicated, i.e. a TSH of less than 1.

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Hi Often no different symptoms between hypo and hyper although mostly are, of course. I was overdosed by a private doc as not many blood tests. I was very ill, not the only one. You need to have private tests on line, if cannot have enough or the right tests, NHS. On line cheapest option then. THS, T4 and Free T3, I use Blue Horizon, quote TUK 10 for a discount, main site or TUK site. Do not use a private hospital even through them. Venous blood or finger prick,. All well investigated and tested, the Lab is used by most private hospitals so well known to any doc you wish to show them to. The other associated tests the GP should do, see TUK site. You need re tests always before any change in meds. You may need some T3 and possibly less T4, ( levo) ,impossible to know the levels without the bloods High T3 i ( or very low) is mostly associated with the heart., although a lot of Cardios are jumpy about low tSH too.

Best wishes,



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