stomach acid

I have been reading from this and other sites that hypothyroidism lower the levels of stomach acid, but this article seems to suggest its the other way around. Any thoughts ?

Metabolic and endocrine effects of metabolic acidosis in humans.

M Wiederkehr, R Krapf

ABSTRACT Metabolic acidosis is an important acid-base disturbance in humans. It is characterised by a primary decrease in body bicarbonate stores and is known to induce multiple endocrine and metabolic alterations.

In addition;

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  • Hi I think you would need to read an awful lot of research papers to evaluate this. In my experience it can do either. When thyroid disease is autoimmune, a lot of other autoimmine conditions may go with it. Some of these are relevant to acid and digestion. Especially autoimmune pancreatitis and also gall bladder which I believe is generally autoimmune. Caeliac disease is too, to name but 3. A lot of Endo`s have worked in metabolic units, I know mine has, and have a particular interest in metabolism because of this link.

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  • Hi J,

    Thanks for reply. Metabolism, acid, and digestion are things I might find interesting to research when/if my intelligence is restored.

    Please also see my reply to Galathea

    Its nice to "see" you in good spirits :-)

  • I think that metabolic acidosis refers to acid levels in the blood not the stomach?

    I have Hashimotos (via antibodies) and also have Gastric Parietal antibodies - THIS affects the acid level in ym stomach I believe but my (UK) GP doesnt seem to "get" this!

  • Hi A,

    Thanks for reply, please also see my reply to Galathea

  • Metabolic acidosis means that the ph of the blood is too acid. Leads, I think, to symptoms like gout. Linked to potassium and magnesium levels - at least that is what in the tablets they sell to help correct the problem.

    Its's not the same thing as low stomach aciid.

    G xx

  • Hi G,

    sorry for the delay in replying, had a couple of being wiped out days.

    Thanks for putting me straight on this, I feel very dumb, I used to have a brain cell ;-)

  • We have all struggled and its an easy mistake to make.. The point of the forum is that we can each contribute our one brain cell and get a massive super brain between us! Xx. G

  • Hi A lot more complicated than that. gout is uric crystals , linked to kidney disease, that is not normally linked to magnesium and Potassium, heart and kidney are as electrolytes.

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  • Hi S,

    Thanks for reply, v. interesting about the stomach lining.

    Please also see my reply to Galathea

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