Confused about change in how I feel :(

Hi. I have hashi hypo and am on Levothyroxine 100mcg and 75mcg (alternate days). It's taken so long (a few years) for me to feel like a "normal" person but on the above dose I finally reached a reasonably good place where I could go to work and run my family home pretty well. I've been working since June and making sure I get plenty of rest in between. The past week I've just gone backwards :( I have flu like symptoms again, extreme fatigue which isn't relieved by sleep, brain fog, nausea all feels very familiar. I've been trying to work out what has happened, has my thyroid gland weakened due to the hashi and therefore I may need more meds? I need to go to the Doc for a blood test to see where I'm at, but just wondering if anything obvious jumps out at anyone? Thanks so much - really dissapointed as I thought I had got somewhere - finally :(

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  • I'm so sorry this has happened. Have you had your vitamin/mineral levels checked recently? Ask your doctor to check B12, D, ferritin, folates, and very importantly intracellular magnesium. There coucld be other reasons why you may be feeling as though you are going backwards, but it's worth checking these things first. Jane x

  • Hi Jane. Thanks for your reply. I will ask for all those things to be checked, my ferritin is usually very good. Just so dissapointed as life is really hard when you feel like this x

  • You may need different type of hormone.

  • I am on pure T3. I have noticed that occasionally I go through patches where I do not feel as well. If I get a virus of any kind, such as a cold, it can knock me out for quite a few days and usually before the symptoms show. I keep everything constant, and usually it settles down after a while. Also check that there is no change with the tablets that you are using. I have found some tablets have a higher activity level than others. Everything else said above also applies! It's always complicated. Hope it gets sorted soon.

  • Thank you. It's interesting you say check the tablets, I noticed the pharmacy gave me a different brand last month - I'm hoping it's as simple as that. I've been pondering about asking to take T3 but if I'm honest, it frightens me! I felt so unwell when Levo was getting into my system that I'm worried to try anything else. Did you switch over from T4?

  • Wired, I feel that T3 is much easier on the system than T4. Think of it as pre metabolized T4. It is faster working in the right places in my opinion. Because of that, it is easier to control. You find out quickly if the dose is too much especially if you take small amount several times a day. Don't be afraid. Please, please.

  • There is sometimes a shortage of medicine, and they change to another brand because of shortage.… other times I guess it relates to price. But on one shortage recently I was given the German equivalent and noticed that it was at least 25% more active than my normal T3. I reduced dosage until my normal tablets were available again.

    T4 did not work for me. I started on a small dose and went up to 125 mg but it made no difference and my TSH got extremely low/undetectable. Having read Paul Robinsons book and done some research on the Internet, I asked my Endo if I could try T3. This gave an immediate improvement. On further reading I understood that for people whose chemistry of converting T4 to T3 is not working properly, T4 can become reverse T3 which blocks the entry of normal T3 to the cells making it much less effective. I persuaded the Endo to allow me to try pure T3 and within a few days I was a different person. This was true for me but I must make it clear that that is not the case for everyone.

  • That's great to hear that you found something that worked for you. That's all any of us want I guess. I'm wating for a Doc appointment and may asked to be referred back to the Endo. Thank you :)

  • Generally the endo will have more specific experience. They also have access to a wide range of tests. Our bodies are complicated and it can take a lot of working out. Several years for me. The body takes time to adjust to each change so a lot of patience is needed before you really know the effect of the change. Any virus, stress or busyness can throw you out for a few days. I keep a lot of notes so I can look back at what worked or didn't. Good luck with making progress and getting the right medics on your side. This forum is great support while you work things out. Admin people are especially useful and balanced in views.

  • Thanks T3sortedme. I've got a GP app in 15 minutes and am going to ask to be referred. I've been diagnosed for 3.5 years now and I'm still trying to get things worked out, you are right it takes a lot of time with different meds, strengths etc. I appreciate your support, thank you :)

  • Any progress with referral by the GP?

  • I saw a different Dr and she wanted to do bloods first - which is in the morning. At least that might shed some light on what's going on to start with. So tired, I feel like a zombie!

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