Yeeha...a GP who has listened

I posted on here last week after an awful consultation last week with a GP.The usual 'your within range' conversation and was I depressed/post viral fatigue bla bla bla.I returned today for a second opinion from a lovely GP who actually listened to my symptoms and agreed I should be feeling better by now. She is referring me to an Endocrinologist.I was also given an apology from the other GP who had made me so upset.Its amazing what a difference a week can make and a doctor who actually listens.

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  • Wow! There's hope for us yet. :)

  • Yes for sure.It just takes a long time to get there and a lot of tears along the way.

  • I was board line for 2years dr put me in thyroxine (only 25mg) coz I'd suffered with symptoms for longer. But I'm feeling bad again and all they want to do it up my anti ds. So frustrated, I've had to have a nap every afternoon this week and my mood is so low. How I'm going to cope working 9-7 tomorrow "/

  • Its so hard to cope on a day to day basis.have you had second opinion? 25 mg seems a really low dose.l have been reading lots of research and watched the scottish thyroid petition on youtube.we are not alone in our concerns about our treatment. I also took my aunt to my GP appointment for support. I hope you get through tomorrow.I felt so bad on Monday I had to call in sick . I'm never off but I knew there was no way I could manage the day.

  • That's great of the GP, but won't a regular Endocrinologist just examine the 'normal' labs & repeat what the first GP said? I've found Endos to ONLY go off blood results......I've had one tell me to seek psychiatric help as my labs were obviously fine, so it must be a psychological problem.

  • You can see where the confusion arises- using pituitary hormones to indicate thyroid health means the problem is obviously in the mind. Ha!

    If only I could think of stuff like that.... ;-)

  • Much confusion and getting paid lots of money to do it!

  • Oh I hope not.i was hoping they might do other testing.GP only ever tested my TSH and free thyroxine. She will not increase my meds, so even if the endo just lets me try a higher dose of levo.Many of the so called professionals have little idea of what its like to be hypothyroid and how it affects your quality of life.

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