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Why did this happen?

Hi, I've been having hypo symptoms for the best part of a year now. I've been suffering from constipation,difficulty losing weight,dry skin,spots and feeling cold all the time. I went to get my thyroid checked and my tsh was 5.1 (0.5-5.5 range) and t4 was 15 (10-22) so after some research I started taking some vitamins,and I felt better instantly!no more constipation,no more dry skin or feeling cold, I even began losing weight!! So I went back to the docs and my tsh had went down to 2.1 and my t4 was at 16! This was great,but when I ran out of vitamins I thought I was better so when I ran out I didn't buy more. Three weeks passed and my symptoms returned :( I went out and bought some more vitamins but they did nothing for me. I went back to the docs a few weeks after that and tsh was up to 5.7 and t4 was 14. The dr suggested I give my vitamins another try and guess what all my symptoms disappeared again! So I went on holiday for a week and forgot them,my symptoms have returned and I'm taking them now and they are not helping! Why is this happening? Why would they help at first then after a short break stop working?im utterly confuddled! Any one got any ideas?


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Could be total coincidence that taking vitamins is "stopping" your symptoms as if your thyroid is failing then it will do so in fits and starts - so one minute it will be working fine and the next it wont and then it will go back to working fine again. Maybe this is what is happening in your case.

Moggie x


Yes I have considered that aswell but it just seems like to much of a coincidence to me. I mean I was sooo constipated I was going once every 10 days if I was lucky,then when I started the vitamins about 6 hours after taking the first one I had a bm. And I continued to have bms every single day,my dry skin and spots had cleared up within 3 days and I felt much warmer the next morning. Because this has happened twice I feel like the vitamins are definetley connected to it I'm just unsure of why when I've taken a break from them they don't work right away. Based on my tsh and t4 levels I feel I have a problem with conversion of t4 to t3 ( my dr refuses to test t3) but since my t4 is normal it has to be a problem with the t3,which I know nutrition plays a big part in this. I also don't have any antibodies so again this is leaning me towards nutrition. Have you ever heard of this before?

P.s thanks for your quick reply :)


Hi kezza that's excellent news. This is very interesting as I have the same problem - slightly raised TSH for which I am taking Levo. but no anti-bodies. Can I ask what vits you are taking and manufacturers name ? - post me if you prefer. Thanks, Jax


Hi yes of course :) it's centrum pregnancy care (I'm not pregnant) I decided on pregnancy vitamins as they tend to have higher amounts of vitamins in them. I really do feel like I'm on the edge of a breakthrough with the whole vitamin thing,to me as I said in my last post it just feels like to much of a coincidence for it to happen twice. And after researching my levels I do believe it could be a nutritional deficiency that is stopping my body converting t4 to t3. Something else I found interesting is that there is ALWAYS a reason why your thyroid stops working,be it a auto immune disorder,nutritional deficiency or medication etc. to me it seems doctors are just trying to treat the symptoms as opposed to treating the cause. But since you have no antibodies I would say that's a really good sign that you could possibly heal your thyroid without Levo :)


Thanks so much kezza - I am taking Nutri Thyro complex which have a beneficial effect on me but the tablets are HUGE and difficult to swallow. I will compare the nutrients with centrum preg. care. Jax


I have them right here I'll give you the list:) I don't like swallowing pills so I actually chew them in my mouth and just take lots of juice to swallow it ,it's not great but it's bearable. Sometimes I'll break it in half and chew each half separately which makes it easier.

B-carotene -2000 ug

Vitamin d -5 ug

Vitamin e (a-TE) -12 mg

Vitamin c - 110mg

Vitamin b1 - 1.2 mg

Vitamin b2 - 1.4 mg

Niacin (NE) - 14 mg

Vitamin b6 - 1.6 mg

Folic acid - 400 ug

Vitamin b12- 3 ug

Biotin - 100 ug

Panthothenic acid - 6 mg

Calcium - 131 mg

Iron - 15 mg

Magnesium - 100 mg

Iodine - 200 ug

Selenium - 25 ug

Copper - 1000 ug

Manganese - 1 mg

Zinc - 7 mg

Hope this helps :)


Thanks kezza - Nutri.contain less iodine and no Iron or B12 so I supplement these last two seperately. They also have lower levels of other vits. but they do contain L-Tyrosene,L-Carnitine, Vit A, and Liquorice which Centrum don't. It's all very interesting. The dose per day of Nutri is between 1 and 3 tablets but I only take 1.


Hmm I wonder if you should take both? Since you are only taking one of your nutri it would probably be safe to take one centrum a day aswell :)


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