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Help please

Help please

I don't understand what's going on, been on 25 mg thyroxine since March, 2 years I tested boarder line hypo, dr decided we to treat me Because of my symptoms and my mum being hypo. I'm not feeling too good again and they just upped my anti ds I've also gone from 9st4 to 7st12 since june and dr won't test my thyroid again. I'll attach my last results. Hope this makes sence "/

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Sorry you have had no replies - I am responding to put this back on latest activity...

For future reference, you may find you get a better response if you post a Question. :)




You don't seem to have the range of T4but even without it seem quite low. Your TSH is high as well so it seem that you need to increase your levo. Some antidepressants can affect thyroid hormone function and many GPs don't know this.

Have a look at worst



Thank you Louise and roslin. I don't seem to get any help from the dr and I'm at the end of my tether and what to do next. I'd like to enjoy my life and do thing with my lil one but I'm knackered all the time.


My understanding is that since March you have been on 25mcg of levothyroxine? Feeling much worse your GP has added an anti-depressant?

My advice is change your GP as the one you have doesn't appear to understand how to make you feel better.

Your TSH is too high for someone on thyroid gland medication (levo).

No wonder we get frustrated with the medical profession at times. For other diseases they seem to fare better than the ones with a dysfunctioning thyroid gland.


Yes since march, I was on anti ds before the tyroid meds, but in June they changed them and when I told them that I still had low mood and exsusted and they upped them. Dr today said she wouldn't test my thyroid yet as she said they we're fine in the last test. Why do the drs say there fine when everyone else says there not. It's so confusing :(


They only put me in a low dose coz I was boarder line and didn't really want to treat me. :(


When was your last blood test because they are supposed to check it every 6 weeks roughly until your tsh comes down to around 1 and you are feeling better. If you still feel ill then they should up your meds.

Jo xx


A TSH of 4.3 is NOT borderline.

If you were in the USA you would be considered very much hypothyroid, they treat anyone whose TSH is above 3. And the antidepressants are being given to you to treat a condition which could be resolved in most cases with the correct level of thyroid hormone. You definitely need an increase of thyroxine to see if you feel better with it, because 50 is too low if you still feel bad, which you clearly do. Almost everyone with undertreated hypothyroidism becomes depressed.

It is a classic symptom of hypo. But GPs nowadays do not have any idea of how to diagnose a condition like hypothyroidism without having a laboratory test, they are not doctors they are automatons who just follow a set of rules and go by numbers, totally ignoring the actual patient. I have a GP who spends the entire consultation time looking at the computer screen!

Marie XX


My last blood test was June, another dr said 'it's gone up slightly but we won't put u on higher meds' I've seen 3 drs and they all got the same attitude, maybe it is all in my head. X


My results previously where

20-1-2012 TSH = 5.37 T4 level 13

Antibodys 229

8-3-2013 TSH = 6.37 T4 level 12.3

And they didn't want to treat me and tested me for aniemia instead which was negative, so that's when they put me in 25mcg.


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