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Newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism and T2diabetes. Help!!!!

Well, 3 weeks ago I was fine! Was wanting help with carpel tunnel and now have both of these. Am on levo 50 andmetformin500. There seems to be alot of contradictory info out there in internet land. Does anyone have any good advice? Many thanks.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is closely linked to LOW Thyroid and LOW B12. Metformin is known to reduce B12 even further. I have read that low carb diet can reduce T2 diabetes.

Also think about the thyroid and the pancreas as being linked as both are endocrine glands.

Did you have Thyroid anti-bodies tested ? - TPO & Tg ? Always obtain copies of all your results.

Ensure you have the following tested - B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD and post results in a new thread 😊


Thankyou for taking the time. As far as I know I have not had those tests. I had a phone call to say I was hypothyroid, a script left at reception and told to book an appointment with the diabetics nurse. Thats it. I have booked an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss it, but thats not for another month. Started levo on 1st june and to go back in September for another blood test. Is all that acceptable?


If you have not had all the tests to include thyroid anti-bodies and vits and minerals - then is it possible you could have Private Testing done through Thyroid UK. There are several companies that send out Home Testing Kits and they are well used by members here ....


Do try to obtain copies of all your tests with ranges so you can monitor your own progress and it helps with posting here. You are legally entitled to them ... see below.



For information on Diabetes I would strongly recommend this website for information :


It has over half a million members and is patient-run.

They have a forum too : diabetes.co.uk/forum/


Making all your other health issues optimal will help - get Vit D, Folate, Vit B12 and iron all checked out. Eating according to glycemic index and working hard to keep your blood glucose levels as stable as possible will help enormously and keep the complications away. This includes eating enough calories and the right amount of everything you need.

A little too late for my thyroid but symptoms/associated issues and sugar levels both stabilised after going GF as was going diabetic myself at the time. Might not work for everyone but maybe worth a try. I know there's quite a lot of research linking diabetes and gluten (although some in animals lol).

Read as much as you can about both issues - docs generally wont be helpful is helping you feel well so the more you can take control of your health, the better :-)

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Thank you all so much. I have a great deal to learn and those sites are very helpful. I am more concerned about thyroid issues at the moment because it explain all my symptoms, but the advice really diet etc is good for both! Thanks again - - getting ready to argue my case at the gp's because I don't think he is very interested.

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