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Having trouble finding tags, etc

I haven't been on here much recently, as not so good. Will post when I get sorted out. I must have missed the update of the site and how to use it. I want to know how to find the tags, as there used to be a link to it. I know you can click on them on someone's question, but it isn't the one I want. When I try and type in a topic in the search bar, it doesn't help either, and when I press the next button, it doesn't go onto next page. I have definitely got thyroid brain at the moment!!!!

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Hi amedeo, thanks for your reply. When I type a subject in the search bar, because I can't find a tags list, it brings up the subject on the page, and underneath it says to click next. When I click on next, it doesn't do anything. I am just finding it really hard to search for anything at the moment. It means that you have to keep going on and asking questions, that are already in the search engine somewhere, or on the tags list. I normally look for answers first, and if I can't find it, then I will ask a question.


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