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Supplements and alternative therapies

Hi I'm wondering what other supplements people take like omega 3 & 6 evening primrose etc I'm already taking a pregnancy/ breastfeeding multivitamin have been since pregnancy so I'm already having a folic acid and a few others no vit a though. I'm also thinking about reflexology and whether to have a few sessions any one else tried it or accupuncture or other alternatives?

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Vitamin A is a bit of a problem.

Ordinary dietary intake of the usual levels vitamin A is not a problem. But supplements very easily can be a problem. Too much is dangerous - to all.

In hypothyroidism there can be a reduction in capacity to convert beta-carotene (which is very often abundant in our diets) into vitamin A.

I do not feel I know enough to make any recommendation.


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I have acupuncture once a month by man who also gives me Reiki whilst needles are in. I think it's fantastic, don't care if it's psychological it works for me. I've known a lot of people improve with him. I also have monthly massage, not from beauty salon but therapeutic, can sometimes be uncomfortable but again, wonderful for body.I walk with dogs every day and have just started very gentle jogging. I take good oils including Krill and sea buckthorn (latter after reading about it on this forum) I am feeling better. I have blood tests every four to six weeks as on up and down titration of carbrimazole and cross my fingers every time I step over that gp's threshold. x


Thank you for your reply


I took a popular multivitamin which unbeknown to me contained Iodene and selenium , it made my symptoms really bad (palpitations etc)

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