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Hello everyone. I am suffering with Hashimoto's since 1998. I am currently taking NP thyroid. I am experiencing palpitations on a dose of 120mg. Can anyone recommend a naturopathic Healthcare professional that is affordable in the New York City area?

Fed up with my Hashimoto's. I have tried sysynthroid and Armour Thyroid already.

Amy suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi - I could not tolerate Armour but ERFAThyroid worked very well for me for some time. Good luck!

  • Try thyroid gold

  • I am sorry you are having palpitations. They are not pleasant at all. Sometimes the palpitations are caused by the fillers/binders used as some of us can be sensitive to something in the thyroid medication but not to the hormones themselves. Sometimes a very small reduction can help. I had horrible palpitations on levo but the addition of T3 calmed them down somewhat. I am now on T3 only with no problems and I was also fine with Nature Throid.

    I tried several NDTs before I found one that suited me 100% and I note that there have been a couple of similar responses.

  • Can you tell us what NP thyroid is? Part of my thyroid medication is naturethroid which I prefer to Armour.

    I don't think we have many members here from the U.S but hopefully someone could recommend a Naturopathic practitioner in NY from Mary Shomon or Stop the thyroid madness both in the U.S??

    I do hope that you find the right medication/dose soon but please let us know.


  • watch the video hope for hashimoto, I always get the title wrong and Louise puts me right.. dr alexander.. cant remember his last name..lousie will tho..

  • hi, its me again google hopeforhashimotos video series it is dr alexander Haskell. I can t seem to send the link on my pc haven't worked itout yet.



    Also to the right hand side of your post there are some Related Topics - maybe something there :-)

  • Hi M, do you have any idea what your FT3 level is compared to you FT4. Recently I've read that your heart and brain need lots of T3. If you are not converting well, the T3 is only a small portion of NDT. Many of us are obtaining our own T3 and it is inexpensive. You could add a small amount to your NDT.

  • Have you had you ferritin and Vit B12 tested msantiago? I had awful palps until I started Vit B12 injections and prescribed iron, as mine was bottom of the range. Anaemia can cause palps, also iron and Vit B12, folate, vitamin D all near the top of the ranges are vital for your thyroid medications to work well.

  • I also could not tolerate Armour and take Naturethroid. I also have Hashi's.

  • I am in Minnesota, but my doctor is with a group called Bodylogic MD. I did a quick search and found a couple of them in the New York area. Hope this helps.

  • I couldn't tolerate any desiccated meds...flared up my Hashi's and i had hyper symptoms on very little.

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