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Levothyroxine + dry cough syrup containing glycerin??

Just after a quick answer as to whether or not its ok to take dry cough syrup containing, glycerin.I'v jus started with a dry + tickly throat and have this medicine in the cupboard (its actually childrens medicine-but works 4 grown ups too) I really can't be bothered to go to the shops or chemist to find out, especially when its something we always have in. (Only diagnosed in june 13) So I thought the lovely people on here mite just know???

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Glycerol/glycerine is widely used in medicines including liquid levothyroxine products. Some people are intolerant of the sort of amounts you might take as a cough medicine (e.g. 5ml or a teaspoonful, possibly several times a day).

However, I do not remember any particular thyroid-related issues.

But before you take any, the OTHER ingredients might well be known to have issues. Some widely used cough and cold "remedies", etc., contain substances that do not play well with thyroid issues and medicines.

Many over-the-counter (OTC) products have their patient information available on-line here:

Though they might not identify some issues that we would consider of some importance.



Hi rod - is there a way of finding out specifically which the medications interfere with thyroid-related issues, such as the remedies you mention?


thank you very much. I took some any way and it soothed it straight away. xx would be nice to have a list of remedies or even ingredients to look for that don't 'mix' with thyroid medication. dreading the cold season, always makes my joints worse. paracetamol + . ibuprofen at the ready. lol.


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