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In the news: 750k people in Scotland are on antidepressants, an opportunity to tell news outlets about thyroid petition?

I just heard the news on the radio about anti depressant use in Scotland

It's on the bbc, stv, herald newspaper and on the radio amongst others.

Is this an opportunity to send these news outlets and the Scottish politicians who've commented on the news, information about the Scottish Thyroid Petition? Because there will be quite a number of Scottish people who are misdiagnosed with depression (like I was) when they are really hypothyroid.

If they want the numbers of people taking anti depressants to go down they need to change the testing and medication guidelines for thyroid care.

What do you think?

Totoro x

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Would love to - unfortunately we don't have time right now.. :(

I will suggest it to the Petition ladies... :)




The link doesn't appear to be working.

Is this a news item that the public can comment on because perhaps a 'member of the public' could put a comment to that effect :D

Carolyn x


BBC link works for me, but no option to comment.


Found a link to the Herald but couldn't find it on the BBC

"There is good evidence that GPs in Scotland assess and treat depression appropriately...." hmmmm


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