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Muscle twitch at base of thumb sometimes with a bulging vein?

I have started to have a muscle twitch at the base of my thumb on the back of my hand,sometimes i have a bulging vein with it,this has been going on for about a week or so along with the changes detailed here that were in a previous post but i have just noticed the vein,why is my thumb twitching?.......... Over the past few weeks i have started on 75mcg of thyroxine after an increase from 50.i was quite unwell for a couple of days after the increase bad head,sore throat,lack of energy and feeling as tired as i was when first diagnosed however,my my sore throat etc has gone now and just very tired,i looked at my thyroxine med boxes and noticed they were by two different manufacturers,the 50 mcg out of the two is not my normal brand so could this be the reason? My chemist says its not and i should go get a blood test,i am not due one yet though,i was feeling great.

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More thyroxine doesn't necessarily make things better. 2 different brands should equal the amount of thyroxine stated on the box. Increases in medication need getting used to, make sure you needed the extra. I went up to 125 and am doing reasonably well now with less side effects on a mere 50.

A couple of years ago my thumb became stiff and painful. A minor op in day surgery put it to rights. It was unrelated to anything else. There were umpteen people with hand problems



Hmm I had this after thyroidectomy and it was due to my calcium levels. I really don't know enough about it or if it's relevant but it may be worth asking about your calcium levels.


I have a twitchy and painful finger and the bulging vein on the back of my hand. For me it isn't because of my thyroid it is because of pressure on the median nerve staring in my neck might be an idea to ask your doctor about it.


Hi, I've been waiting to know if someone suffers from this as sometimes the muscles at the base of my left thumb twitch. I also find it hard to get motivated in the mornings and I get bad headaches also. My meds have been increased to 125mcg from 75mcg. I did lower it to 100mcg but the bad headaches kept coming so I'm now back down to 75mcg.

I don't have a bulging vein at all, just the twitching and occasionally wrist pain. I haven't seen my GP about it as I don't have a lot of faith in them associating my symptoms with carpal tunnel/hypoT.

Hope it gets sorted soon.

Best wishes

Jo xx


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