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Coeliac disease/lactose intolerance?

Hi all, this is something I've recently noticed with my digestion.

Well, first of all if I eat something high in gluten such as pasta or bread within less than an hour of eating it I experience a range of painful cramps in my pelvic area which is usually an urge for me to go to the toilet. When I go to the toilet I have real difficulty in eliminating and I'm very constipated. I also used to get heavy feelings in my stomach after drinking orange juice early in the morning (early as in 6.30am although this has not happened for a few years - whether it's anything or not I'm not sure) and sometimes if I would drink a tea, coffee or hot chocolate my stomach would rumble very loudly after drinking it. This is worse on an empty stomach.

So what I did was cut down on gluten for a whole week and the constipation stopped. I'm now wondering if this is Coeliac Disease? It wouldn't explain the rumbly tummy I get when drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate however I've noticed I get constipated even after drinking tea and eating a yoghurt in the mornings which is making me think it could be lactose-related? But when I eat a yoghurt later on, say in the evening, there's no constipation or gurgling.

I really don't know what's going on with my body at the moment as the gurgly/rumbly sounds and feelings I get with my tummy have gone on for ages, even before I was diagnosed with Hashi's.

I was tested for Coeliac a couple of years ago however I was not eating gluten at the time and the GP did not tell me to continue eating gluten or prepare for the test in any shape or form.

Thanks for any advice.

Jo xx

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Constipation is the opposite of gluten/ lactose intolerance, both of which usually cause bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea.

It may be your are affected differently or more likely that is sluggish bowels which is common with hypo, pasta and breads can certainly bulk up, which is what it sounds more like. Just eat smaller amounts of them or have a higher fibre diet if you want to eat these types of foods


Ok Susy, thanks x


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