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A poem which is not thyroid related!


(I never really told you how much I loved you.)

You were my hero and my inspiration,

The one who always helped me to be strong,

When I was just a child, you brought me comfort,

Were always there whenever things went wrong.

I always see you as I did in childhood,

With strong, sinewy arms and, lean, tanned face,

With black hair falling down across your eyebrows,

A tousled mop, which never stayed in place.

I remember when my fear of school disturbed me

The thoughts inside my head kept me from rest,

You’d take me on your knee and hold me closely,

And promise me all would be for the best.

The problems seem so small now I recall them,

‘Twelve pennies to a shilling’ taxed my mind.

At six those little problems seemed like mountains,

The solution was not very hard to find,

You came to school one day, I saw you waiting,

My childish heart was beating oh, so fast,

To see my daddy talking to my teacher,

I knew he’d have to listen then, at last.

Next day my teacher spoke to me so kindly,

His booming voice I never feared again

He helped me understand with so much patience,

And all because my fears you had explained.

Although not tall, to me you were a giant,

A man who was admired by everyone,

No matter what the challenge, you would face it,

Whatever came your way, it would be done.

I never heard you speak with obscene language,

As a husband you would always show respect,

A bitter word I never heard you utter,

The same things in return you would expect.

A carpenter, a painter, mathematician,

Accomplished in so many different ways,

But never did I hear you stoop to boasting,

A modest man you were through all your days.

When I became a woman and a mother,

To me you were a father and a friend.

But this new friendship suddenly was over,

And, much too soon, your life came to an end.

At fifty-five your life was taken from you,

At twenty I could hardly bear the pain:

A grandfather for such a very short time,

To think that we would never see again

Those deep-set twinkling eyes of steely grey,

Which comforted me so with just a glance,

I never really said how much I loved you,

And now it seemed I’d never have the chance.

You gave me life, you gave me love, and taught me

That anything we wish, we could achieve,

You taught me early, life is for the taking,

It seemed as if you knew you’d have to leave.

But I have found the Truth, and faith has taught me

That death is not the end of all our days,

I know I’ll see you in the Resurrection,

And we will be together for always.

When that time comes, I’ll say how much I love you,

That everything I am, I owe to you.

And, as we face eternity together,

My sweetest dream will finally come true.

by marram

Harold Barton, 15/4/1910-15/9/1965 RIP until we meet again.

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Marram that is beautiful and so touching. I lost my Dad three weeks ago and can relate so much to your words.

Thank you for sharing x


A loss like no other, so sorry, it must be raw. The pain will get less, but the memory will never go, why should it? Hugs to you, Clairval. XXX


Thank you Marram. Yes very hard at the moment but lots of very happy memories to hold on to. X


((((hugs)))) I am in tears reading, it is so beautiful

My dad was just 50 when he passed away and I miss him dreadfully.

Thank you for sharing

Ann xx


Ann, how sad. It seems so much harder when it happens too soon. Thanks for your lovely words. Marie XX


Beautiful poem.

I still miss my Dad who passed away 2 years ago. X


What a lovely poem and tribute to your dad. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs to you xxx

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What a lovely poem, so moving, for me especially the part about your Dad coming to school to have a word with the teacher.

Our family never really did the telling other family members we loved them thing either (I daresay this was quite normal in Britons of our generation!), but I'm sure your Dad knew how much you loved him. You can take comfort that he will be waiting to welcome you when you pass over yourself, although obviously I hope and trust that will not be for many years yet.

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Beautiful poem Marram. Thank you for sharing, my dear dad died 11 years ago, I was 26, I loved him so much that when he died part of me died with him. I miss him every day and I never felt safe again since he was gone. I am in my thirties now and I still miss my beloved dad. I wish he was still here. I lost my mum in April 2011, miss her a lot too. It is so hard without our parents, whatever our age is. Sending you love. Edysia ( that how my dad used to call me) E xx

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