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My T3 mid range

So my latest bloods for TSH and T4 have came back in the 'normal' range again, my levo dosage was upped to 125mcg from 100 mcg last time, I'm feeling quite good energy wise and my T4 level is at the high end of the range and THS is low, I didn't have time to get a copy of figures and forgot to write them down today, I also finally got tested for T3 after seeing this nice GP for the second time (I'm going to stick with him) and it was mid range 4.5 ( 3-7 is the range I think) so it seems I cannot make any improvement to medication as I'm feeling good apart from the weight it's been 9 weeks since my levo dosage was increased so do I just need to give it more time and patience for the levo to stabilize? I am a healthy eater but will make some changes.

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Sorry you had no replies. If you still need help and information, I would suggest posting again - perhaps in the Qs section..





It's ok thanks, I was corresponding with someone on Facebook who had same problem. She found that a 5:2 fasting plan worked where for 2 non-consecutive days per week 500 kcals (600 for men) are consumed then normal eating for the other 5 days worked for her, I will try it. I've been making vegetable soups to consume on the fasting days. It's by no means permanent but will hopefully help me kick start my weight loss. X


May I ask if you have had any success since deciding on the 5:2 diet? I've just had my dose increased and am thinking of giving it a try? x


Hi dollybird.Please can you tell me what the 5:2 diet is? Thanks. Lynne


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