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Starting to get insomnia!!

Under guidence of Dr P......

On no replacement hormones yet. I have been on sleeping tablets for over 8 months. If i try not taking one i am laying there till gone middnight. If i take one i am still laying there till same time. They are not working as well now. Just want to get off the damn things. But i cannot cope with no sleep at night as well as chronic fatigue in day. Any advice?

I take valerian and it makes me a bit more relaxed and just ordered some epsom salts for bath.

Any other things thats might help? Di your sleep sort itself out in time on right treatment?

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I would make sure your TSH, T4 and Free T3 are right. Insomninia is often both hypo and hyper. It is ,though, quite different. With hypo, you tend to sleep heavily for a little while and then are awake for about 4 hours etc. Hyper, you are actually hype, so cannot sleep.Make sure you have had all the tests Endo`s automatically do.

. I hope that helps.

Best wishes,



Just a thought but can your body not become dependant on sleeping tablets? And therefore take a few weeks to adjust to sleeping without them? I would think that your body needs time to adjust to not having them there.


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