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I have an overactive thyroid and have been coping well on 20mg Carb' and nothing else but after 5 weeks got rib pain is this linked?

It is always in the morning and means I can't get out of bed easily as I also have sciatica, but recently it has been starting again in the evening, I feel i cant inflate my lungs properly due to this, when I am up and about it goes away!

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Hi, I have this for 3 years, firstly I was told I had inflamed costrel joints, my whole rib cage is stiff and painful in the morning then at night, to be honest I feel it could be vitamin d deficient, I was explained that if somebody lightly pushed on rib cage and it hurts, then it is lack of vitamin d. I'm not entirely convinced however. The breathing you described can also come alongside rib cage pain. Xx


I thought I read on this site somewhere that it is a symptom of B12 deficiency? Do not take my word for it, but google it and it may come up?


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