Really good video to explain thyroid process and reverse t3!

Some of you may have seen this, but posting for anyone else, fantastic explanation, helped me understand a lot more about the whole problem of reverse t3 , easy to follow!

If the link doesn't work, type in Suzy cohen, the correct tsh test into youtube x

I just edited the link so it can be seen - marram.

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  • Thanks Hon, couldn't work out how to do that xx

  • Hi Femme 1, this is about the best explanation of RT3 that I've seen. I usually find it all too difficult to understand, but this video certainly clears this up in a simple way! x

  • Good overview [if not minding ad] - but the T3 target is given in US parlance which is pg/ml.

    The range for FT3 in SI units [UK] is typically 3.5 -6.5 pmol/L -so the upper half range she speaks of would be approx 5.0 - 6.5 pmol/L here.

    This accords with the usual advice that for treated subjects the FT3 should be in the upper half of ref.range [but not any higher].

  • yet again I have learnt more --- the diff between 'free t3/4 ' and t3/4....what a site we have !!!!!

  • This really helped me when I stumbled across it, just couldn't get my head around reverse t3 , thanks for the t3 range conversion too :)

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