What tips do folks have for dealing with the acute periods of fatigue and joint pain?

Wasn't doing too bad for the last couple of weeks but woke up this morning to a day of feeling bad fatigued, joint pain in knees, wrist and hands with general aches. Seem to have had this for years. Some not to bad days or weeks and then hit by these bouts of fatigue and pain. As previously posted doctors not helpful and I'm beginning to believe that they think I am a hypochondriac! If I start taking B12 what dose do folks suggest?

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I have no particular tips really, because I keep getting muscular pains and spasms in my neck and shoulders, but I have tried magnesium supplements, eating 3-4 brazil nuts a day for selenium (some people think it's a lack of one of these that causes the joint aches), and tonic water containing quinine supposedly helps some people. But nothing seems to be helping me so far.

Vit D helped me before (as tested low), back on it now after some summer sun, now sadly gone :( - really feeling it's now autumn (feeling cold & falling apples proves it for me!) I have an elbowometer, which I never took notice of 'til last year, now I do. (when ignored leads onto shoulder, wrist, rib pain - for me anyway).

I really should get B12 tested too, also Selenium is good (must get brazil nuts again) doc won't even do iron or Thyroid now 'til a year :( Magnesium and K2 (also looking at B1 Thiamine too - always get calf pain) why didn't I take notice of the USA sites saying multi B vits? Not on meds as TSH is flippin' 'normal' so maybe it's a deficiency... again J x

Hi, vit B12 helped me a lot with this! I started on 1000mcg, then went up to 3000mcg. Now going to go back down to 1000mcg as a "maintenance" dose. Choose a good quality supplement though - methylcobalamine, not cyanocobalamine.


Hi, I have found when I eat healthy foods and avoid carbs, coffee and sweets or sweetened drinks as much as I can. My joint pain becomes reduced. For my extreme fatigue I have found a 'miracle' supplement ashwagandha. I take a teaspoon (in my porridge- to hide the taste) each day. In the three weeks since I have been taking it I have not fallen asleep as soon as I finished work. My neice (also has hypo) who is also taking it says it 100% has improved her energy levels. My energy levels have virtually returned to normal since taking it- thank god. I got the powdered form of ashwagandha on line , but my neice got tablet form in the chemist. I HIGHLY recommend it for your fatigue. - good luck

Silly as it seems I have found drinking water helps with the cramps. But I do have days where fatigue takes me.. I just go with it ... And hope the next day will be better..I'm lucky I can do that.

Since trying to finalise the correct dose of T3 I should be on, I've noticed that when I am undermedicated I develop joint pains and now take this as a sign that I need more. Yesterday evening I had cramp in my foot for about an hour and a half. In the end I took 12.5 mcg of T3 and it went within half an hour. So I guess the cramp was caused by being under-medicated as well.

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