Do any of you suffer from persistent joint pain, back pain and intermittent numbness?

I've just developed an intermittent numb patch on my shoulder blade with the occasional burning sensation when I move it- the joint is very painful and my lower back is really bad with spasms at the moment. I scared myself by looking the symptoms up so wanted a bit of reassurance that this could be part of the myriad of symptoms that goes with Thyroid disease before heading to the GP.

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  • Hi are you hyper or hypo? If so what treatment are you having?

    I was hyper currently in remission. During the first year on carbimazole I had terrible problems with my right shoulder and neck and back. I eventually had physiotherapy and it helped enormously. I have read that thyroid issues can cause problems with the spine especially the C3/C4 vertebrae. this has a knock on effect on necks, shoulders, back and arms. It was agony for about 3 years before I had the physio. You can self refer for physio by the way.

  • I'm hyper and have been on PTU for 3 years prior to that was on Carbimazole for 18 months. I have had neck problems on & off for the past 2 years. I've been to a chiropractor but am only getting short term relief. Will look into getting a referral in to the physio.

  • Joint pain can be associated with low vitamin D, numbness and burning with low B12. Ever had your vits and minerals tested (B12, folate, iron/ferritin, vit D)?

  • I've been hyper for 5 years and only had vitamin d checked last year as I was pregnant. I am still breastfeeding so vitamin d may be depleted. I'll see about getting bloods checked when I'm at the GP.

  • Hi I also used to take B12, iron tablets and vitamin D but it made no difference. The physio was all about self treatment by the way. How to stand, sit and exercises that you can do ( very quick and easy).. Your pain sounds exactly like mine and after about 6 weeks I was pain free after 3 years of suffering. Do try and google back pain and thyroid and or spine. Hope you get it sorted as it is a miserable thing that everyone goes "oh back pain, yeaj I have it too" when really they don't understand.

    I also have little ones so I know how hard it is to deal with kids everyday with this.

    Apparently my spine is partially fused and is a common complaint for us hypers in particular according to physio.

  • Thanks for the heads up, I had lower back pain & pelvis problems before being hyper so have assumed a continuation of those problems. Will look up back pain & thyroid and see what comes up.

  • Well there's an increased demand for all these things in both hyperthyroidism and pregnancy/breastfeeding. Try and get them all checked if you can. I'm hyper too, my deficiencies first started after 2 pregnancies and almost 3 years in total breastfeeding. H x

  • Hi hamp, mine started after my pregnancies. I had sciatica after baby 1, hip problems during and after baby 2 and arm, shoulder problems during and after baby 3. Then diagnosed hyper.

  • I'm Hypo and also getting on a bit ! Back problems have troubled me for most of my life ! Could have had a chauffeur driven Rolls for all the money I have spent on Chiropracters and Osteopaths ! Not that it would be any good here in Crete ! Fortunately Physios here are around 25 euro for a good hour - bliss ! Had a big spinal op in Germany in 2007 after the surgical opening of the Tensor Fascia Latta did not help earlier the same year. Surgery done here in Crete.

    I was back on the yoga mat 3 months later on both occasions - just lay there visualising the asanas and gently relaxing with the breath and doing what I could ! At 65 - two years ago - I started teaching/guiding yoga classes and can only say how healing, simple poses can be. Had been practising for many years. Love to see people change during the practice and how relaxed they are at the end of the session. Remember thoughts have a powerful effect on the body.

    Just lying on the floor and with the knees drawn up to the chest and gently rolling from side to side can be a good relaxing start for unwinding the muscle spasms in the back. Then release the hands and feel the massage move from above the waist ( kidney/adrenal area ) to further down the spine as you lower the feet towards the ground. Bring the feet back up slowly - still gently rolling from side to side - and once again grip the knees with the hands and pull down gently.

    You are a busy Mum so be gentle on yourself and only do what your body allows....hope you soon feel better.....

  • I want to come to Crete Marz! Thank you for lovely exercise, it is amazing what simple measures can be taken with powerful results. I have recently joined a gentle exercise class, free on the NHS, they are promoting these classes as a preventative measure against falls in the elderly. We do simple balance and stretching exercises, already I am finding the benefit from some of my aches and pains, I know where I am is where I need to be.

  • ...that sounds so good Joyia. Thank you for replying to me....You are so right about the aging process and falls. Also keeping flexibility - as I once read that when you are old and cannot get in and out of chair then it's impossible to take care of yourself. It is the reason so many have to go into Care. That is my motivation on a daily basis - keeping up my flexibility and core strength. At 5'11" there's a lot to keep going !!

    I actually think that all old people could benefit from some T4/T3 as the thyroid naturally slows down with age. Also a thyroid that is inefficient does affect the middle ear and balance. Think of the money the NHS would save on all the other drugs for the various conditions caused by a metabolism that is slowing down. Too simple by far...and of course not much dosh for Big Pharma !!

    So glad you are feeling some benefit from your efforts..........x

  • Hey I love yoga too, sorry I can't join you in Crete but in skin is too sun sensitive I come out in a horrible rash if I expose my legs to any sunlight, due to my stupid Graves Disease,,, I am now a free agent my husband can't cope with my illness and has left me home alone, I would love to join your yoga class but alas it's not to be, I am looking for sanctuary in Britian any ideas, I'm too a pensioner with no ties, no friends , no family they can't cope either, so hmmm any suggestions, a yoga retreat would be

  • Thanks for exercise Marz, I will try it. A couple of years ago I couldn't even lie on my back or it would lock up, so I know I've progressed a bit. I have been toying with the idea of pilates or some form of gentle exercise, but as usual life gets in the way. I feel resolved to keep going and work through the problem. I do now want to head to warmer climes.....

  • I find tai chi really helps me - and I'm an anxious person by nature and was never any good at yoga as it hurts my wrists. I go to a tai chi class once a week and have just been practicing it in the garden in the evening sunshine while my dogs romped around me and my teens laughed at me out of the window!

    After an early menopause I've found my lower back has periods of being very bad and the only thing that really helps are stomach strengthening exercises I was given by the physio.

    As well as being hypo since my 3rd child was born I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This lousy disease is often overlooked in the early stages as people sometimes land it after having a child or during menopause. The earlier it is identified and treated the better the prognosis so please don't assume that any joint pain is just down to thyroid or breast feeding positions or whatever - always get it checked out.

    The physio told me my lower back pain was degeneration of the lumbar 5 and if I keep weight down and exercise regularly it shouldn't cause too much trouble.

    I use my son's Nintendo Wii fit plus and do Zumba twice a week and the yoga and muscle work outs daily and it has kept RA, OA and other stuff where they belong!

    Tilda x

    Ps I'm not trying to say you may have RA as initially it mostly goes for hands and feet and wrists but there are other types of inflammatory arthritis that can affect the back as well as sciatica. Physios are sometimes better at identifying these than gps so ask your gp for a referral maybe?

  • Gosh it seems you do loads to help yourself. It's often quoted that if you have one auto-immune illness then you will have others. So am presuming you have Hashi's along with the RA. Have read that auto-immune issues begin in the gut lining with Leaky Gut Syndrome and Dysbiosis. I have Crohns and Hashi's - chicken or egg ? :-) Am pleased to report that I am feeling well at last.

    Keep up the good work - sounds amazing....

  • I also had the back locking problem and yes Yoga is great for the body. (the exercise given above is one that the physio also gave me).

  • It's certainly very time consuming and I really don't think my GPs have a clue how much research I end up doing - if they did maybe they would pay me some if their vast salaries ha ha?' Crohns and Hashimoto's sounds just as hard to cope with. I really hope your shoulder improves soon. X

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