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The most worrying period ever!!!

Well my period's started today, a day out but never mind. My right foot and leg has been tingly yesterday on and off when I hadn't done anything and today it's come back. Blood has been gushing out of me like anything although no blood is coming out at all, cramps very painful despite self-help measures (I use my body's natural painkillers to sort it, in other words masturbation) and I have an appointment with the GP today at 4.40pm. I hope everything turns out ok but I don't know what the heck is going on.

Also I'm sure I've put on more weight - I went to see my parents yesterday and I got out of my car to have a couple of workmen call me 'fat'. I'm only an ounce under 8 stone and still a size 8! Am I really that big?

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I'm sorry you are having such a tough time with this at the moment. Hopefully the doctor will be able to help.

You are probably not fat either. You may be bloated at the moment but hopefully that will sort itself out as your cycle progresses or your doctor deals with whatever the problem is.

Take care

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn thanks for your answer.

I went to the GP yesterday and the period actually restarted after the appointment. I had four hours where it stopped and then all of a sudden it decided to come back. Not sure what is going on!

The doctor doesn't know why the period did that but he said for me to keep an eye on it. The problems with my leg he suggested could be down to how I sit as he noted I sit cross-legged but the tingling/pins and needles happen when I don't sit cross-legged at all. He said if not a problem with sitting there's a very slight chance it could be myxoedema. The only thing that rules myxoedema out is that the skin on my legs isn't hard or bumpy. I have got a small dent or ridge in my shin area that's more prominent when light is on it but whether that's anything I don't know. The GP said he could tell that there's no hardened skin there at present.

I also said I've been getting pains in my arm and a slight thickness under the muscle. I asked if that could be myxoedema and he said most myxoedema occurs in the lower legs but never say never.

Arm hasn't been too bad so I'm holding fire about mentioning it. If it comes back for no reason then I'll be going back to say something.

The funny thing as well is that I'm not very bloated in my breasts as usual. I usually like my breasts more when on a period as off they're very small (I only take a 32A) so they swell to something like a 32B!

He asked me things about appetite and I said it wasn't something I've been keeping tabs on as I eat because I know I have to, but so far as I know I've been eating better and I've put more weight on. At the start of the year I weighed something like 7.3stone/45kg and I now weigh 7.13stone/50kg so I've been very pleased with myself as I've disciplined myself to eat starchier foods and more carbs and so on despite the swallowing problems I had. It's just upsetting when I feel good about myself and some complete strangers make comments about me that knock my confidence back down again.


Jo xxx


Your doctor is mistaken. Myxoedema can occur anywhere in the body. There is a specific type that occurs primarily in the lower legs, called pretibial myxoedema, of which your doctor may be thinking. It seems to be a form more commonly experienced by patients with Grave's disease. As you have Hashimoto's, it is more likely you have another form. The type of myxoedema common in hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's can occur all over the body and face. I have it all over. The face is probably one of the most common places for it in hypothyroidism giving rise to the classic 'moon face' and scalloped tongue.

Please don't worry about what others say. Some people are just mean and aren't worth a second thought. I suspect the bloating is just your period.

It might be worth your doctor checking your hormones. When you have a thyroid problem it can affect all the other systems in your body including your hormones, which is why women seem to have so much trouble with their cycles. It would also be good to check your serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D and let us know what the results of these tests are with reference ranges where possible. Even if they are 'normal', improvements can often be made that can make you feel much better.

I hope you feel better soon.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn, thanks for your advice.

With tongue issues, my tongue gets very sore around the sides and when I look at it in the mirror the sides have creases/dents in them. Is that a scalloped tongue?

With hormone tests, the GP is not willing to go ahead and do them for another 2 months until I'm well into my revised dose of thyroxine. The only result I do have that I know more of is my iron level which is at 15 (I think the normal range is 30 or more) Because I've recently changed doctors and still new to the diagnosis is it simply a matter of me walking into the doctor's office and asking for the tests to be done? (this is an NHS doctor as well).


Jo xxx


Yes, that does sound like a scalloped tongue.

Low iron really won't be helping. Are you taking iron tablets? If not, you really should be. It helps to take them with vitamin C and to take a vitamin B complex.

I hope your GP does the tests. Hopefully an increased dose of thyroxine will help :)


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