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Thanks everyone who gave me advice re. anaesthetic

A few weeks ago I asked how we hypos. coped with general anaesthetic and I am pleased to say that I had op. last Monday and have been fine with a TSH 0.75. I just want to thank everyone for their advice and support. I had hoped to contact janjan regarding her concern with low TSH but I don't seem to be able to do this - hope you get this message. Regards and thanks again, Jax.

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The ideal situation is that anyone should be optimally treated because hypothyroidism weakens the heart and lungs, so in some ways, so long as you feel well, the TSH is not really relevant. What is relevant is that you should be prescribed enough thyroid medication to make your body function properly.

Insufficient thyroid medication can delay recovery.

I am so glad you had a successful op and are recovering well.

Have you tried clicking on 'Members' on the purple bar and then putting her name in the search box? you can then send her a message.

Marie XX


Very pleased to hear the thyroid side was OK. Hope the whole thing was for the better.

You could always visit her profile page and send a private message...



Hope to feel like a new woman soon!


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