Edna Kyrie - Thyroidresearch.com

Edna Kyrie - Thyroidresearch.com

Thyroid UK have heard of concerns that Edna Kyrie's site - Thyroid Research - has been closed down and is being sold. We are happy to let you know that this is not the case.

Edna spent many years keeping this site running and we are very grateful to her and very pleased to see that all her hard work will not go to waste.

I have been in communication regarding this and although there have been technical issues, the site is now up and running again.

This is an excellent site if you want to take a look at all kinds of research in respect of thyroid disease and related conditions. The site includes a lot of old research that you may find very interesting.

To see Edna's work please go to: thyroidresearch.com

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Phew, very pleased to hear the site is back!

Great news Lyn. Thanks for that. Jane x

Good, because Edna knew such a lot and everyone should read her website.x

I am glad you found the information Lyn. After all the lady's hard work and ceaseless research, the site deserves to continue.

Sadly now gone. Does anyone have any contact details for the original site web management?

It would be nice to be able to trace the original material.

I can contact someone but not sure if they will be able to help. I'll let you know. Lyn

I have heard from Kieron, Edna's friend that the site will be down for a while. He's gone away on holiday and will get back to me to let me know what's happening. Hopefully, it won't be gone forever.

Is there any news yet? I contacted someone a while ago too, they said it'd be back up in a few weeks, but it's still down...

Looks like the domain registration isn't right - and it may have lapsed.


Not knowing who has done what, it may be that the actual content is still available to be reloaded to another domain.


Hi, He hasn't come back to me yet - he went away on holiday. I'll leave it until next week and then contact him again...

Hm, still nothing? Hope it's gonna come back one day ...

I sent a reminder email last week so hopefully, I will receive some news this week....

Hi, is there any news? I contacted a person who worked on the database ...

It seems as if the information isn't lost, and I kinda want to read all the scans Edna made! If there are financial issues I'd be very willing to chip in.

Hi, Unfortunately, no news. The problem wasn't the information, it was the website. Unfortunately, when someone has a website and dies or disappears, it's very difficult to take it over because you are not the owner and the domain people won't give you permission without the permission of the owner! It's ridiculous but happens.

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