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I was prescribed t3 by my private g.p and I want to Boots to purchase it. I couldn't believe how expensive it was. They were charging £95 for 28 days of lithothyronnine(20grams). I then went to my local chemist and they were charging £110. Both places were very helpful, but I decided to shop around. I then decided to go to Sainbury's chemist and they were happy to give it for £72. So, what i have learnt from this experience is you must shop around to get best price for medication.

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  • Hi. Very pleased that you have found a good doctor, albeit a private one.

    Here is a list of pharmacies that supply NDT but they may also supply T3 and may be cheaper than where you are currently getting it. I believe pharmarama is quite competitive with price. It might be worth enquiring to see if they are cheaper than Sainsbury's. They may not be, but it's worth a try.

    I hope the T3 helps. It has certainly helped me :)

    Carolyn x

  • Has it Carolyn? The T3 i mean? What dose you up to now?

  • Yes, I am noticing significant improvements. The joint pain is very much less, probably due to the T4 coming down now I have reduced the NDT. I also seem to be more alert and have a little more energy. I think a little more tweaking is needed but I'm feeling very positive about it.

    I am now taking 12.5mcg T3 when I get up, 12.5mcg in the middle of the day and 2 grains NatureThroid at night. I may have to go T3 only for a while but I will leave it a couple of weeks in case this is the right combination. I don't want to miss it by rushing :)

  • blimey, i'm up to 60mg as of today! Like you ive noticed aches and pains since starting T3.....more so that Armour anyway.....

  • Actually my aches and pains have gone down a lot since reducing the NDT and starting T3. It was the T4 and higher doses of NDT that seem to cause the pains and stiffness. I managed much better at karate tonight than I used to. I wasn't having to modify techniques because of pain at all apart from a stationary kick combination (6 differerent kicks in different directions without putting the foot down) where I was standing on my left leg but I think that's a completely separate problem with my hip that is unrelated to my thyroid. Even Sensei said how much better I was today. I didn't feel like passing out until 50 minutes in which is the longest I've managed in quite a while :D

    I wonder why T3 is giving you aches and pains :( I hope you find out what it is. I suppose T3 just doesn't suit everyone, just like Armour doesn't.

    Carolyn x

  • well all i can say is i have certainly noticed my aches and pains since, i started T3. Energy has improved slightly tho and i feel less, considering energy is what i want most, i'm happy to continue with the T3 :0)

    I just have ti stick with it and keep raising my doses until i feel the advice i've been given. Considering i have gut issues i'm dealing with at the same time i think perhaps my T3 recovery will be slow.....( as if i'm not used to that already!!)

    Simon x

  • Best of luck with it. Hopefully you will find the solutions soon :)

  • How is your VitD level - treating lower levels can banish those niggly aches and pains !

  • My vit D was very good from the start, let alone all the summer sun I've had!!

  • Thankyou for response Carolyn,


  • Have you tried asking your GP to prescribe? I had a private prescription for the first month but then asked my GP practice and they agreed to give it. It is now on a repeat with them. Definitely worth asking.

  • Cytomel is T3, used by bodybuilders. You can get it from that sort of website. I don't think it's as much money as you're paying. Mind you, I'm not sure it's the right stuff either! Just another info-byte for you.

  • People would need to be very wary about sourcing their meds from sites like this. As you rightly mention, it may not be the right stuff.



  • Agreed!

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