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Thyroxine and cholesterol. Have I got the balance right???

I have been arguing with my Doctor, always keen to put me on statins, to raise my Thyroxin to address my higher cholesterol levels. He succumbed and put me up to 100mcg Thyroxin. The latest bloods show a reduced TSH 0.05 in the range 0.15-4.0 (it was 1.68 in Feb 2013) and a reduced cholesterol of 6.2 (it was 7.9 in Feb). Am I on the right track or have I pushed my TSH too low???

My iron is low at 9 in the range 10-30 and my GFR is 52 in the range 90-140. Does this indicate anything?

Otherwise, I do feel very well, have lost a constant half stone, sometimes nearly a stone, with Mary Shomons diet and I am still trying to address my new HDL 1.1 (previously 1.1 in February) and my new LDL of 4.6 (previously 5.7) with a new chol/hdl ratio of 5.6 (previously 7.2) and my triglycerides of 1.2 (previously 2.5). Any thoughts gratefully received. :-)

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I think you have answered your own question by saying

"Otherwise, I do feel very well, have lost a constant half stone, sometimes nearly a stone".

First the TSH varies throughout the day. Second your cholesterol has lowered without statins (fantastic): Third you've lost weight (fantastic).

Someone else will remark on your iron and GFR.

My TSH was 0.01 in October last year and I feel fine. I will have a yearly test in October. I will not change my meds if I still feel good.

Before the blood tests came into use in the 70's patients were

given thyroid hormones until symptoms went and they felt better.

This is an extract:-

Dr. Lowe: With most patients, I use thyroid function tests (TSH, free T3, and free T4) and thyroid antibodies only for a patient’s initial diagnosis. Afterward, I follow the practice, in principal, of Dr. Broda Barnes—that is, measuring tissue effects of particular dosages of thyroid hormone rather than remeasuring TSH, free T3, and free T4 levels.

My reason for this different protocol is simple: the TSH, free T3, and free T4 tell us only how the pituitary and thyroid glands are interacting.


Thanks Shaws. I always insist on getting my bloods done first thing (9.30am at our surgery) and I'm fasted when I attend. I also feel it makes a tremendous difference taking my thyroxin early in the morning (sometimes 4.30 or 5.00am when I wake up through the night). I learned this from this site after years of taking it with my breakfast because nobody said otherwise. It seems it might have been worth the effort, studying the arguments (again from this site) and pushing my views more firmly with my GP's :-)


Does your doctor realise that statins are contra indicated when a patient is hypothyroid? Lets face it doctors these days get 'encouragements'to prescribe statins much as they did to dish out anti-depressants in the past!!! Do not worry about supressed TSH as this happens whatever hormones you take!


My gp keeps on at me to go on statins, I tried them for a couple of months, but I was so tired on them that I had to stop taking them. I`m suspicious of the doctor`s motives because I wonder if the drug companies are offering them money to prescribe their product, so making them more revenue.


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