I was diagnosed hyperthyroid a few months ago. I had bloods taken on friday- thyroid & white cell count. The receptionist called me today and said that I needed to make a routine doc appointment about my results. She said that my thyroid was a little high and a slight issue with my ST3. I've seen a consultant and am due to see again mid september. Is the ST3 thyroid related too and the docs just not realising already seeing specialist, or has something else gone wrong with my body?

I'm hopefully getting a phone appointment tomorrow, but am optimistic someone will be able to reassure me before then!

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  • Hi

    I think she MAY have said FT3 - you will need to confirm for sure....

    FT3 is a thyroid hormone, I have no idea what ST3 might be.

    We always advise people to get a printout of their test results, including the ranges..



  • Thanks for the swift reply. She defo said ST3, I repeated it and she confirmed a couple of times. I haven't asked for a printout yet, but I will do.

  • Then I can't help with that I'm afraid - someone else might know! :)



  • I have done a search and have come up with nothing

  • Sorry playbook posted before I had finished, so yes there doesn't appear to be any st3 test for anything. It is maybe a typo and should be FT3

  • Thanks for looking for me! I searched too and also came up with nothing. I'm now thinking its a low case italic font 'f' and she misread. Think I'm just suffering from typical Graves anxiety.

  • I agree with Louise.

    Especially on the telephone we are prone to mis-hearing "F" as "S" - and the other way round. (I think we sort-of expect to miss the hissiness of the "S" and compensate for that by adding it back in. If you see what I mean. And some telephone technology can enhance the effect.)

    We have had this exact mus-communication several times over the years. Quite normal. :-)

    So I shall be surprised if it was not "Free T3".


  • It was fT3. Sorry couldn't post about sooner, but site doesn't work v well from my mobile & I was on a camping 'holiday' with my kids.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • Completely agree - I mostly don't even bother trying from my mobile.

    Thanks for getting back. It is always good to know that the person got the information as intended. :-)


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