What needs to be tested ?

I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid,not going to bore you with all the details now as some of you might know,i have posted regularly,i would like to know what i should be having tested.My hair was thinner but i have noticed it starting to thicken out since starting my Levo and originally i just put the hair loss down to one of those things as it was happening before i was diagnosed along with hair greying,will my hair now regain its natural color IF.....its not down to the aging process?

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VitD, iron, ferritin, folates and VitB12 - and don't forget to ask for a print out of the results so that you can post on here for advise.

Moggie x

Thanks for the reply Moggie,anyone know about the hair?

I think the jury is out on the greying hair issues. I have read a few times that it can be a symptom, but it's usually only been mentioned in passing. I don't think there have been any studies about it, but I could be wrong. It does make sense that if hair follicles are not receiving enough T3 they could fail in the same way that any part of the body can be affected. Jane x

My hair was incredibly grey at the front from before I was diagnosed but I think my problems had been there before I was eventually diagnosed, my hairdresser keeps saying it is silver not grey, anyway it is all the underneath hair especially at the front so that when he brushes it back it all looks completely silver and when he lets it fall down the silver is pretty much hidden - the guy finds it so wonderful (!) that he shows it to any other clients who happen to be there at the same time.

Anyway, now that I seem to be getting to a good point with my thyroxine I have noticed that my hair has finally stopped falling out (i went hypo for a while) but I also think it is not as grey / silver as it was, I am still grey because I am 64 but it isn't as solid a colour as it used to be which made my hairdresser and I wonder if some of it was growing back darker.

I thought you went grey if you were hyper but it could just be if your thyroid was wonky.

Hope my ramblings are of some help,

Liz :-)

It seems grey hair especially early is hashimotos, autoimmune related. X

Aha- I've got Graves which is autoimmune too :-)

So how do i distinguish between Hypothyroidism.Hashimotos and Graves,surely my bloods and my doctor would be able to tell ?

Yur doctor definitely could tell. Graves is overactive thyroid with antibodies, Hashimotos is underactive thyroid with antibodies (I think) the antibodies would show up on a blood test.

Thank you everyone.

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